Disappointments … (part 2)

I thought I was going to be a mother-in-law again. A few days ago I met a lovely Belgian couple and their black poodle Kirito, who is young and incredibly handsome. Vera and Peter had come to see the campsite with a view to staying here in the future, they love the walking round here. We hit it off and went for a coffee together. Kirito and Daisy fell in love and were making more than eyes at each other. (I’ve never seen dogs necking before.) As potential mother-of-the-bride I’ve been thinking about wedding plans and how lovely it will be to have Belgian relations (cheap chocolate!).

Today, as arranged, the trio arrived for more coffee and I eagerly  awaited the big moment when the happy couple’s eyes would meet again … Daisy is a flibbertigibbet; I am ashamed to say, she totally ignored her beau and was interested only in his humans. No wedding then – I’m gutted, no excuse for a new outfit (and no luscious Belgian chocolate).

Then, probably as I was so distraught with disappointment, as I was cooking my meal this evening my elbow caught my full wine glass – down it went, broken glass and wine everywhere – what a waste, wine that is, the glass was el cheapo from Wilko! I’m totally unsurprised no-one cries over spilt milk; but spilt wine – I sobbed.

As I don’t want to disappoint you, my dear reader … some images

🙂 🙂 🙂