Vet and valium.

So Monday evening found me waiting at the vets with LWD who had developed, quite unusually, bilateral ear infections. Unusual only because up to now it’s always been either one or the other ear. Silly moo had been rubbing her ears in the sand again, tho’ I’m never quite sure whether that’s the cause or the effect. Very thorough Portuguese vet who did an extreme deep clean of both ears and hair plucking of the worst affected. LWD snuggled and trembled but didn’t make a sound, the Vet was most impressed she apparently gets snarled at and bitten quite a bit doing that procedure. She prescribed ear cleanser (which I’d run out of – lulled into a false sense of security by 9 infection free months) and an aural antibiotic. LWD was totally stressed out by the time we got back to R0X1, even the biggest cuddles didn’t calm her, so I administered Daizepam which relaxed her enough that we both got some sleep! 3 days later and her ears are slowly improving, we go back for a check up on Friday.

My plans haven’t changed much, I shall just be a day later arriving at Pria-de-Luz than I expected. We’re currently up in the hills about 20 miles inland but still by the Spanish border. The weather is foggy first thing, some days like yesterday the cloud lifts and we get a warm afternoon. Not looking that promising today but we shall get a good walk in later and it’s so peaceful up here who cares about the weather!

Alcoutim was our first stop in this neck of the woods. The drive alongside the river Guardiana was winding and would on a nicer day have been stunning. I didn’t see Alcoutim at its best either, dull and deserted – but hey ho, I had high hopes for our lakeside overnight stop. Except the lake was almost empty, the dam virtually completely exposed and the water left was not much larger than Hurst village pond and, with only two water birds, a lot less populated. Walking around what used to be the reservoir bed I found it quite a depressing place.

Alcoutim and Pereiro reservoir

It was with a heavy heart and little hope that I drove to our current stop at Odeleite. So I was delighted to find one of the best aires I’ve ever used; large marked out pitches all with water and electricity should you want it (gimme, gimme, I have a blog to write and photos to edit and upload). Despite it not being high season, there’s a cafe and bar on site which is open,  and a laundry room. Price? €7.50 per night (only €4.50 if you don’t want hook up). The views are stunning and it’s so quiet I can hear my tinnitus! Add to that a bread delivery van arrived at seven this morning; unsurprisingly I went straight back to bed after purchasing my day’s requirements.

Views from todays walk around Odeleite

🙂 🙂 🙂

Pillow talk – health and safety


Yes love …

My belly doesn’t feel good, and I’ve been sick on two mornings now …

(Thinks; Did the “little operation” not work? Do I need a pregnancy test kit?)

… and I’m having problems doing number twos.

Do you need to go to the vet?

NO!  You just took me,  you didn’t even give me a choice, and he stuck a needle in my neck.

That was your vaccination booster. And I’m beginning to wonder if it’s worth investing in your future health Greedyguts, as you’ve only got yourself to blame for your current discomfort.


You’ve got the same problem a doggie family member from a long time ago once had. She also stole some brazil-nut chocolates of mine. Rosie was a retriever and a lot bigger than you so they just went straight through and came out the other end minus the chocolate. And just like you she added insult to injury because I had to clear up the undigested nuts after her. Unfortunately for you being smaller, it’s taking longer for them to go through you and so your insides are suffering a little more.

How much longer will I feel poorly?

Not sure, but the one brazil nut you brought up this morning means there’s one less to go! I’ve checked online and you’re one lucky puppy that I only like chocolate brazils, as apart from almonds, they are the only nuts that are non-toxic to pups. And too much chocolate can kill puppies.

%*!@£^ … 

I wish I could believe you won’t steal again but for a pup who’s only 25% labrador you certainly exhibit the full percentage of the greediness trait. I s’pose I should be grateful you didn’t eat the cellophane wrapper too!

I need a snuggle ….

Come on then poorly girl. No lickies mind…
Version 2




Top trip

Yesterday was a long run up the best looking motorway in Europe, spring flowers colourful and abundant in the mountain pastures and glorious weather. Stopped for lunch at Millau services and nearly overheated in the sun, then on through volcano country frequently at altitudes in excess of 1000m. Still some snow on the top of Puy de Sancy. Overnight stop just outside Clermont Ferrand.

Had some concerns about the fuel situation when I went to fill up this morning as there’s been a 4 day strike (What? – In France?) and fuel was rationed due to delivery disruption but further up country I was able to top up the tank, so no worries about running dry before Dieppe. Found a vet in the middle of nowhere and much to the littlewhitedog’s disgust she’s all prepped and the passport signed in all the correct places – never leave the surgery without checking …  So here we are at our fast becoming regular stopover in Tours and for once it’s not wet or windy here. This is the place with loads of rabbits, herself is rapidly cheering up!

Once again it’s been a fantastic trip, seen and photographed great things …

… met some lovely people and now I’m ready for a hug from those who matter.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Pillow complaints

Hey Mum.

Yes Daize.

What is it with these French vets, that other one wasn’t nice last year? I mean the Spanish one hurt my ear but at least he made it better. There was nothing wrong with my throat or my bottom last year and today that injection hurt.

It’s not the French vets’ fault. You have to blame the government.

You blame the government for most things …

But government regulations state that your passport has to be completed to say you’re healthy, so you have your temperature taken and a quick examination, and that you don’t have echinococcus worms, so you’re given a tablet or an injection. The French vets have to do those things and then they can stamp your passport and we can go home.

Rather stay here than go through that. (mumble)

But then you wouldn’t be able to snuggle with K, the Smart One, or J and B.

But it’s really nice here, there’s loads of rabbits to chase – oops, sorry about yanking your arm earlier …

Apology accepted. But you wouldn’t be able to play with Milly either. Or Sam and Sally.

OK. When are we going?

Three more sleeps.

Oh good. Snuggle?



Certainly not.


🙂 🙂 🙂

Pillow Talk – the Director’s cut



No licking.

But it’s so nice to be able to snuggle into your neck again …


OK – okay. But can I keep snuggling cos I missed proper snuggling while I had That Cone thingie on?

I missed your snuggles too …

I didn’t like The Cone, it kept bumping in to things,

Like the backs of my legs

and I couldn’t use the cat flap, and I got sprayed in the face when it picked up dirt, and I couldn’t scratch …

That was the idea! You were making your already poorly ears even more sore you were scratching so much.

Preferred our usual vet to the French one, 

Not as suave

even tho’ he did give me an injection, put stuff in my ears and stick a thermometer up my bottom.

And very brave you were too, only one tiny squeak.

Was I, was I really brave?

You really were, Daise. Well actually you were feeling too poorly to protest. Two things to remember tho’.

What’s that, Mummy?

No ear scratching and no licking …


🙂 🙂 🙂

Unexpected entertainment

Daisy was not impressed by the rather suave French vet, (I was, he only charged €36!) especially after he shoved a couple of tablets way down her throat and then squirted water into her mouth to ensure the swallow. I immediately offered her a treat but she caused much mirth to both vet and I by sulkily refusing. He duly signed and stamped the Blue Book in all the right places and so we were set to be allowed back into our own country! After the wine stock had been topped up I went back to the site and a lovely long walk along more farm tracks with 180˚ views and a gloriously warm afternoon to enjoy. Then after photoing Daisy’s nemesis, the pink cow (it’s the eyes, they look totally psychotic), which we parked well away from this time to ensure all campers aural health wasn’t ruined, I discovered, and spent a while chatting to, new campals Jenny and Paul and we reduced the wine stock a little. They had just arrived and are on their way out on a 3 month trip, their first time for some years, have a great and safe tour both …


For our last day for this trip I’d found a PF stop at Guȋnes, near Calais and decided to arrive by lunchtime to avoid disappointment (and the possible immigrant issue if I had to stop overnight in Calais) and was prepared to be bored for the afternoon. Well colour me surprised when I arrived chez Etienne and he informed me of a “promenade” to one side of the site and a museum to the other. The promenade proved to be a lovely little nature reserve with a board walk all round a marsh, loads of birdsong and little other noise, (luckily we were almost back at the beginning when the school kids arrived!) The museum an outdoor one of rural life during the fifties was started by Denis Baclez who I think might have been Etienne’s father, there were even some fifties Paris Match magazines that you could leaf through, rather a nice change to the usual “ne touche pas”.

And then at the crack of dawn today we were up, up and away. Channel tunnel? Pouf – Daisy couldn’t’ve cared less; boring, but she enjoyed the extra snuggle … !!!

Met up with some  family friends of old who just happened to be in Kent this week, at Maidstone services on the way home. It’s been so long we couldn’t possibly catch up on everything in a couple of hours but November at theirs in Spain for a continuation sounds good to me; and Julia, don’t care what you say, I’ve been a crap Godmother. It was wonderful to see the the three of them – it’s been a while (and then some)

All in all rather a splendid end to mine and Daisy’s first joint foreign adventure.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Pillow talk plus


Yes Daisy.

I really like it when you take the lead off and I can run.

I really like watching you run Daisy, with your ears flapping around as you go and a huge grin on your face.

I run fast don’t I?

Sure do.

Why do you let me run off the lead now? You never used to.

It’s because you’re so good at recall and come back when I call you. I’m really proud of you, you’re learning fast and you’re doing it all just because you like to please and get fuss not because I give you treats.

If I stay being good will you not take me back to the vet for another operation?

I hope you never need another one Daisy. But going to the vet is nothing to do with being bad or good, just something that is sometimes necessary.

Mmmph …


Mummy, can I snuggle?

Of course Daisy bella. But no licking …


I said NO licking.

Sorry Mummy, I didn’t mean to … it just sort of happened.

🙂 🙂 🙂