Pillow talk special edition.


Yes Daisy.

I really liked that lady this morning – and she liked me.

I liked Kim too and not just because she liked you, she’s a very nice lady.

I was a bit worried when she taught you that GBH thing.

But you know now that if you respond to the G, the B doesn’t happen and you go straight to the H. Mummy’s Growl is the reminder and then you get a Hug when you’re good and the Bite (i.e. the check chain) doesn’t happen. It only took 4 or 5 goes and you worked that one out.

She said I was remarkable for only 8 months old, and very good and quick.

She did indeed and indeed you are.

And I liked that ball game we played

It was good fun. We can play that some more if you like..

Yes please Mummy. We could use my pink ball, my pink one is much prettier than her yellow ball. When will we see Kim again?

We probably won’t need to. You were so good and learnt things really quickly, and I learnt some things too.

So you came to school too … Don’t I have to go everyday like JJ?

Not at that price, no way.

No Daize, as long as we keep practicing we’ll be fine.

Well I s’pose that leaves more time for playing and snuggles.


Can I have a snuggle now?

You may Daisy, but no licking.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Out and about …

trying to train the Destructive One to “wait” whilst I do the shutter press thingie.

The weather is as miserable as sin, light levels almost incompatible with decent photography, it’s damp, it’s dreary, it’s dismal …

and next year winter will be spent somewhere, yet to be decided, on the Iberian peninsula.

The Destructive One enjoyed her walk. Her behaviour on the lead is a work in progress but she’s very anxious to please (except when it comes to emptying waste baskets!) Whilst I’ve been writing her clippers have been delivered. Now this should be interesting, I’ve never had to clip a dog before … she’s never been clipped before …

Tooth extracted yesterday … that’s better!

😀 😀 😀