Pitch invasion

I would say that the Bezzies breezed into Tarifa but that understates the strength of the gale they blew in on. The sand on Valdevaqueros beach was threatening dermabrasion again, the washing stood horizontal on the rotary line drier and R0X1 was dancing a jig. None of us slept well that night; we are justifiably blaming it on the wind gusts of 45mph and consequent van movements, but equally it could  have been blamed on the amount of alcohol imbibed. Well, we haven’t seen each other for 7 months and had to celebrate catching up, Rose’s successful surgery,  birthdays which all of us have had since we last saw one another, Christmas, New Year, numerous Saints days and most importantly none of us yet having had our obituaries published.

Understandably we spent a fairly quiet time exploring Tarifa’s old walled town yesterday, had lunch, did a Mercadona (food) shop and got back to the site in the nick of time. Whilst we’d been out the Dutch version of a CCC rally had turned up and well over a dozen van drivers wanted to squash as close together as possible. We prevented the imminent storming of R&S’s pitch (on which it has to be admitted, we had failed to spread our towels) and half a dozen (people not vans) had to be evicted from my pitch and the sunny spot immediately behind R0X1 where they had planted themselves in their chairs in blatant occupation of English territory and in direct contravention of the Campsite Code of Behaviour. As my regular reader will know I have a very soft spot for the Dutch but the cheeky request from one for all of them to remain seated there met a negative response.

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Deja vu?

… but then I really have been here before! I’m back at Tarifa. The main reason being that it is pretty much always breezy here, I had loads of washing to do and the washing machines are also 40% less expensive than at the previous site. It was lovely to get a huge Hola hug from Pepe and then, by chance, to park up next to a Scottish couple I met briefly in Puerto de Santa Maria. (BB; it became a small world when we were exchanging details, as you do, and they announced they knew Reading a bit as their son was in the REME, apprenticeship at Aborfield!!) The other main reason for being here is that the wifi is free and reliable and I have to have a very important FaceTime conversation with the Smart One. Inexplicably he has his 11th birthday today – yes, yes, I know all about the birds, bees and humans but what I don’t know is how time, which seemed to go so slowly when I was his age, can accelerate so …

Tomorrow I’m up to Ronda. I saw something I wanted in a shop there but thought I’d see it somewhere else and didn’t bother to buy it at the time – haven’t seen it anywhere else … typical. And of course it’s such a hardship to drive that scenic route. Maybe Gibraltar will show it’s face to the lens as I pass by  this time.

Then off to Lorca for Xmas (and hopefully the new kitchen window) via a campsite I need to check out for when The BezzIes arrive.

Tarifa  (Africa in the background only 9 miles away)

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Southernmost tip.

If you’ve got to have a bit of a cold it has to help if your campsite is near the beach and enjoying warm sunshine, if that beach is the very southern tip of Spain, looks over the Straights and you have a view of the African coastline so much the better. I have plonked myself in that situation until all symptoms pass.

I left Ronda on the A397 over the Sierra Bermeja to San Pedro, a road with many almost unbeatable views, hairpins and contour lines galore. I cannot be as complimentary about the A7 between San Pedro and Algeciras – concrete jungle … Past Algeciras the road clambered over more mountains giving splendid views over Gibraltar, then dropped down to sea level and my current home.

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