Cold hands

On a very nippy but bright late autumn afternoon, I finally found the time to capture some colour at Virginia Water lake, part of the Crown estate, Windsor Great Park.

Note to self; buy a pair of those fingerless gloves with the mitten cover before you lose another finger – this time to frostbite!

Different journeys

The wait for the house sale to be processed is agonisingly long and I’ve started to think about it as part of my journey to retirement as a way to counter the frustration I feel. Driving back from work in the late summer sun and warmth today reminded me that next year I shall be journeying through sun and warmth in very different places at a slower pace, able to take time to just enjoy. And I thought about my journey through summer this year, a journey of colour, blue skies, warmth, sun and fun. A true summer such as we haven’t had in the UK for seven years. So here are a few of my memories of the long summer of 2013.