Kindred spirits …

But first, a couple of photos from Platja d’Aro after the storms there, I’d forgotten I had them on the iPhone …

Daisy and I went into Tarragona by train today, it was quite a long walk to the station made worse by the shortest route being via the beach …

In Tarragona, once again I was intrigued by the street art all around, the painted bollards particularly caught my eye as did the plastic carrier bags suspended from the washing lines. There was a little girl playing amongst the bollards and shrieking with laughter but she and her mother left before I could ask to include her in the photo. Lots of Roman ruins and I would have loved to have visited the Spanish version of the Pont du Garde but it was another 8km round trip and I’d already exhausted the pup.

On the way back to the station I noticed a lot of stalls and of course had to go and investigate. It seemed to be a local community bazaar with all the stalls run by various charities. One charity’s name leapt out at me, it was called Associació Asperger del Camp de Tarragona. JJ has gained so much from three different charities at home Camp Mohawk, the Me too Club and the Train club that I felt it would be appropriate to donate in his name. Unfortunately neither of the ladies at the stall spoke either English or French. Luckily a young lady on the next door stall was able to translate for me and explain that my grandson is Aspie. It turned out that I had that in common with one of the ladies; we made an instant bond, shared hugs and kisses and declared our Aspie boys the best. I came away humbled by the experience, realising that despite our differences our similarities with strangers are, by far, stronger and that leaves me smiling.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Weathering the storm

I hardly dare mention it but the house is under offer again. I can only say that these potential purchasers appear very serious. They have offered the full asking price for a quick completion and asked that I take it off the market. I refuse to get even remotely excited until I have the electronic pennies in my hot sticky account.

An interesting few days are ahead. The Smart One and I will be keeping close company whilst K is in hospital having her three ruptured discs sorted. I plan on walking his, not so little these days, socks off partially to distract him and also because I need to lose the extra pounds put on since Lilah went. (I promised myself I would keep up the walks but at first found it too upsetting to go without her and now – well let’s be kind and call it inertia.) To keep things as normal as possible for the Smart One I’m moving in to K’s today; admission this evening, op tomorrow. How soon I return home will depend on how well she mobilises. I will however be doing the school run for several weeks.  N.B. I shall not be driving a 4×4 nor shall I be looking Yummy!

What is being called the St Jude’s day storm passed us by here overnight Sunday with scarcely a gust; OK, it was perhaps a tad breezy. I got to work in under usual time despite negotiating 3 fallen trees and a couple of very deep puddles. It’s half term and the Yummy Mummys in their 4x4s were having a bit of a lie-in. Bless.

Various cloudage –