Festive Fotos …

as promised.

Unfortunately my creative juices, tho’ flowing again, are not yet up to par. I am pleased that I’ve actually had the camera out of the drawer for the first time in a couple of months, not so pleased with the results which seem a little lacklustre to me.

[One of the problems with my PTSD is that it hits me very unexpectedly. I’ve been well for such a long time that it surprised the hell out of me and this time, believe it or not, it was my GP who triggered it! At my meet and greet appointment she demanded  “Why do you take anti-depressants?” on hearing I have PTSD she then demanded to know the details of why I “presumed ” I have it. I very rarely discuss it and if I do it’s because I have made the choice; I’m in control of how much and what I say and the person to whom I am talking is familiar and trusted. I felt bullied. Suffice to say that following that appointment I started to have nightmares (this time about going to the surgery!), my startle reflex went into overdrive, my anxiety levels rocketed and my mood slumped. I have no intention of consulting that particular GP again.]

Hopefully the photography will improve soon, for the moment I’m just happy that the shutter is beckoning once more.

Langport Christmas Market 30/11/2018

Chez Crosby/Mepstead 1/121/2018

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Sky and sky.

Yesterday was another trip into Aix, this time the clothes market – a blue sky day, I bought a cheap hat to keep the sun off and 3 more magnets for the collection. Had an economy salad Niçoise for lunch and congratulated myself that such a fresh tasty meal was so cheap – then ruined it all, including the low calorie count, by indulging myself in the decadent delight of “La Belle Hélène” a (mmmm)Mõvenpick sundae – cost as much as the salad and a drink together! Swiss perfection confection – vanilla and chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce and pear – a L’Oreal moment, because I’m worth it …

It does rain in the south of France and following heavy overnight wetness which continued, tho’ starting to abate somewhat, throughout this morning. I postponed today’s planned 12k walk through the parc naturelle to the next village via a lake and the windmill Cezanne famously painted. Instead this very grey sky, dripping morning was spent dry and cosied up in R0X1 knitting the lace shawl I intend to wear to some friends wedding – yes that’s yours Linda and Trevor. Haven’t anything to wear with the shawl but I’m looking … promise!

In the late 70’s, early 80’s a group of session and classical musicians fronted by the classical guitarist John Williams got together and funked up Bach’s toccata, it was such a  successful recording BBC TV broadcast a gig from a London church where they also performed some of their own stuff.  They went on to make several albums and toured. I saw a couple of their gigs and bought most if not all of their albums – a very original take on rock classical fusion. Thanks to my new iPad and bluetooth speaker I’ve been reacquainting myself with and knitting along to – Sky.

Sky; Herbie Flowers, Tristan Fry, Kevin Peek, John Williams

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