Bitter blow

This morning I was idly researching ferry prices and asking unimportant questions about travelling with dogs like, where do they sit on the ferry? I stumbled on a blog about travelling with dogs which was full of interesting informative stuff e.g. the best  reasonably priced vet to certify the swallowing of the worm tablet. Lots of readers had asked questions of this couple including one man who was anxious about whether the breed of dog he owned was allowed into France. I’m not sure why I followed the link to the French consular page but there at the top of the list of banned dogs was the Staffie. It had never occurred to me that her breed might be a problem.

Lilah will not be a European dog.


Travelling companion

Introducing Lilah, (Li, Li-li, Lilo, Lileelola, Lilo-Lil or when she’s seriously naughty Badgirl)

P1020154 who will be my companion on my travels. She’s quite excited about having a passport and becoming a European dog (I haven’t told her yet about the injections part). She has questions – where will she sit on the ferry, is there such a thing as a doggy seat belt and, most important of all, do the rabbits smell as interesting on the Other Side [of the channel]? This photo was taken in a rare quiet moment, don’t expect any more like it, usually I’m lucky to get her tail in frame. Like most Staffies she’s a bundle of energy and stubborn with it. We have a few battles which I win as, unfortunately for her, my Libran need to please everyone does not  extend to dogs and I can out stubborn stubborn.

Other occasional travel companions hopefully will be friends and family – not for too long tho’ please as I need Camera Time.

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