Bye-bye Brashers, Brashers bye-bye-eye

I know it’s the end of November – but really, daytime temperatures down into single figures and sub zero overnight? Come on, this is Andalusia, Spain. OK, so it’s Andalusia above 800m; I s’pose I shouldn’t complain, especially as the sun just keeps on shining in a wonderfully blue sky. I just need to find an LPG station so I can continue to use the heating at night … Daize has discovered that her usually scorned dog bed is right next to a heating vent – need I say more? (Except that I’m feeling more than a little guilty about the haircut.)

There seems to be a song theme going today, what with the title and as we’re either in S. Wales or in a Beach Boys number – R(h)onda!

Ronda has some spectacular stuff to see, and my camera is feeling used and abused. It also has a sports shop and very sadly I have bid my Brashers farewell. They provided exceptional service for a good number of years but I was aware that their days were numbered, the soles were worn smooth and no longer giving the necessary grip for hiking. Today along the gorge I slipped one slip almost too many … I now have a pair of Hi-tec’s (no Brashers to be had) and am staggered by just how much tread they have!

Andalusia is fabulous, it has grass and everything …

P.S. That gorge up to the bridge picture – we climbed all the way. Daize is now almost unrousable!

🙂 🙂 🙂