Sandfly swarm

The live singer in Saltash on New Years Eve was enjoyable even tho’ the mixing desk somewhat overly heavied on the decibels from the speakers. Frankly, her voice was very good and if he hadn’t had the backing up so loud she probably wouldn’t’ve needed a mic. The DJ who was on during her breaks was even more heavy handed on the decibels  – when will these folk realise that music does not need to be that LOUD in a small enclosed environment.

Okay that was the last rant for 2018.

New Year’s Day saw R and I walking at Seaton (Cornwall) sea front. I felt right at home steering R0X down a narrow, twisty windy to the beach and just after we’d parked illegally on double yellows the sun chose to come out to play. The warmth that came with the sun’s appearance must’ve convinced the sandflies that spring had arrived as the damn things swarmed everywhere. LWD was covered, R got one in her eye and I tried desperately to breathe through my blocked nose (I’m now into week 5 of the cold and cough from hell) to avoid swallowing a mouthful. Apart from that we had a great walk and lunch; R did impressively well on her new knee especially as she’d spent a fair bit of the previous evening dancing.

Seaton (Cornwall) January 1st 2019

So an auspicious start to the New Year for me and only six weeks to the start of my next trip … France, Spain, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, France, Germany and Denmark; I figure in the event of a No Deal Brexit they’ve got to find me before they can deport me!

Happy New Year dear regular readers! (I think there may be more than one of you) I hope 2019 will see you and yours happy and healthy throughout.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Not entirely unexpected

Just heard from the manufacturer that ROX1 is now not due off the production line until May 6th.

With delivery, registration and preparation due to take a further 3 weeks we won’t be ready to rockn’roll until the end of May. However the date isn’t expected to slip any more.

It’s a bit disappointing but perhaps some downtime after I finish work will be a good idea – I’ll see if I can spend some time on the cut with BB 😀 Can’t think of a better way to unwind.

Photos of previous relaxing voyages on the Blue Buzzard

All in the name ….

I’ve been pondering a name for The Van for some little while and nothing’s struck a chord.

Nomaggsrush?         Too long, doesn’t flow.

The Beast?               (As in the bike is Beauty and The Van is – well – big.) Does nothing for me and even less for The Van.

The Van?                  Too impersonal, no warmth.

Ladies and Gentlemen I present …… ROX1


Why?                The other day I was informed of her registration number. It will be RX14DVV. Take the first 2 letters, change the 1 to an I …..

It rocks!!! 😀