What did the Romans ever do …?

Well for the Gauls in and around Orange (which of course wasn’t called Orange at the time, it’s ancient name was Arusio) in the first century CE, the Romans built a triumphal arch to celebrate their own brave soldiers who conquered the Gauls. And in the fourth century they built themselves a nice theatre which doubtless the poor hapless Gauls didn’t get to go to as they were too busy being slaves.

Amazing stuff tho’ and the theatre is actually in use tonight for a free rock gig. When I was there yesterday the roadies were busy setting up.


Paul, Meriam, the two dogs and I are off to see more Roman architecture tomorrow, the Pont-du-Gard, it’s really more about cooling off beside the river! Temp here today was possibly in excess of 35℃, the sun is down now and it’s still 29 – hoping it cools down some more or I won’t sleep tonight. Can’t believe I’m whinging about the heat …

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A dreadful thing

has happened. I knew it might come to it sooner or later, but I wasn’t ready yet. It should’ve been a decade away but it happened … today. Is this the beginning of the end?

Up until then I’d been having a great time wandering round Aix soaking up the atmosphere. Aix-en-Provence has been around for a while, the place simply oozes history. The Greeks first disturbed the Celtic tribes, then the ubiquitous Romans, the cathedral is built on the site of the old Roman forum.

It’s also known for having a plethora of fountains (and a street named Rifle-Rafle).

Today being Saturday, and a very warm beautiful one (27), the multitudes were out in the market, cafés and restaurants, even many French were in summer clothes. The outside tables were full and there was the buzz of conversation and an almost palpable sense that winter is over – laissez les bonnes temps rouler! Perhaps it was that sense of bonhomie that made her do it?

Worst of all, I accepted the offer.

Today, for the first time in my life, a youngster gave up her seat to me. It’s real – I’m OLD.

Pass the gin …

😦 😦 😦


So … these are my sunset years. Many sunsets are like this …

St Lucian sunset
St Lucian sunset

Pass the champagne …

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