Jazz and goose poo.

Daisy and I took the train to Henley today. We walked Thamesside in spring warmth alongside many other bank holiday weekend trippers. The river was busy, full of day boats, narrowboats, wide beam barges, trip boats, cruisers and the odd row boat. Daisy, disgustingly doggy in her habits, ate goose poo (and wonders why I don’t want her to lick me) and raced to the end of her lead across the buttercup drifts in the field. For a while we sat on the grass by the bandstand listening to a jazz septet, families with picnics, old women with dogs(!), couples romantically entwined, children twirling (and falling!) united in foot tapping or swaying enjoyment.

🙂 🙂 🙂

I like a bit of quirk –

and found it quite unexpectedly today.

I  walked the Thames path from Marlow to Henley against a very blustery headwind and amongst the millionaires’  posh pads and cruisers along the banks found some very British quirks.



Hope this wasn’t the transporter delivering ROX1


Fence warning

Which one?




“Just one cornetto ….. “

Fun walk 🙂

Bit of a dampener …..


Bit of a dampener; the house sale is stalled – hence the “wet” image, that’s Henley-under-Thames during last year’s floods. I love that the geese have all got their heads submerged, they look like sandbags that didn’t work! My buyers have lost their sale; they are still very keen to buy but estate agent recommends we re-market as well. Good job I haven’t decided on the Van.

On the bright side I’ve made a couple more decisions – main one is that I shall go for a left hand drive as most of the time I shall be driving on the wrong side of the road. Difficult to get LHDs here tho’ so I might have to buy on the Other Side. Bit of net searching methinks. Hope it’s not too complicated; importing, tax, registration, not to mention that my maths is probably not up to doing the monetary conversion! (But then if I’ve got to register it anyway I might use M222MEP – that would be cool.)

You can indeed buy harnesses for dogs that seat belts will attach through, so that’s Lilah sorted. And travel bowls that won’t spill are available too.

Fingers x’d for a buyer soon.