A blue week.

This has been a strange and sad week. I attended the funeral of a friend who was part of my extended family (K’s stepmother); the first time I’ve been to a semi-formal military affair. The Smart One who adored his Granny, retired L/Col. RRC, QARANC, was given the choice of whether to attend. He chose to attend in his scout uniform as “others will be wearing uniform”. K and I were so proud as, along with the guard of honour, he gave his Granny a final salute, and held it for the whole of the flag lowering. Please no more weeks like this for a long time.

Yesterday I took advantage of a break in the rain and exercised both the LWD and the newish prime lens for the LumixG6 – rather pleased with the lens, not so pleased with her fluffiness who’s taken a liking to rubbing her neck over all the nasty niffs she can find!

🙂 🙂 🙂

Deluge: Episode VI – Return of the Fields (2014)

The rain has lessened, flood waters are receding and wildlife is reappearing. The ground is still very sodden – obviously these little fellas have their burrow high enough up the slope for them to have remained safe.

Big ears

I took this with the new telephoto at 300 mm and am really pleased with the lack of too much noise on the heavy crop –

Big ears - the crop!

Popped into Henley to collect an online order on Saturday. As I arrived in the shop the young assistant was finishing playing a riff on the air drums so I topped it off for him with a roll and a ting on the high hat. There followed a discussion on our respective preferences for air instruments and then he told me all about the air guitar world championships. I must remember to check them out on youtube.

I just love the guys in Rohan – they’re so ….. human (and very slightly mad, like me)!

(see “It finally happened” Freddy Mercury)