Plastic surgery completed

A huge welcome home to R0X1 following “surgery” to her rear nearside (UK) corner and replacement grey waste pipe. At the same time she had a service and MOT and is once more fit to travel. Many thanks to Richard and Brian at my local garage in Langport.

The BFF has also just come out of hospital having had surgery so next week R0X will get a long overdue run out – down to Cornwall so I can help relieve R’s boredom – she really doesn’t do “take it slowly” at all well.

Tomorrow morning festive decorations will appear chez Crosby/Mepstead, looking forward to seeing all my baubles and my Santa collection again. One of the nicest things about this joined up multi generational household is the huge amount of baubles, ornaments, trees and lights we jointly own, all of which will be on display. Then late afternoon we’ll go into Langport for the market, fireworks and lights switch on, hopefully amongst the food concessions there’ll be a mulled wine stall …

Pix will follow early next week.


Good news and bad news ….

but mostly good ….

That most efficient of government departments, the DVLA, have kindly rushed my registration document (V5C) to me in the stunningly short time of 15 working days, not including time taken to order and receive the appropriate initial form. They estimated it would take 7-10 working days. The tax disc arrived at the showroom after 17 working days ….

The good news is that as I now have a registered and taxed vehicle  I may drive R0X1 away from the showroom …. the bad news is that the showroom can’t accommodate the handover until Monday.

Good news is; the scooter is now up and running  ….  bad news is; I now have to register it as a newly imported vehicle.

The form requested from the DVLA (V55/4 plus INF148) will arrive within  7-10 DVLA days. I have to return completed V55/4 together with Form V267 from the importer, the manufacturer’s Certificate of Conformity with the great British standard, and finally add a cheque for 5,500 great British pennies. The DVLA will then register and tax the scooter and send me the registration document (V5C) and disc within 7-10 DVLA days.

No need to load up the scooter for my first trip then …. I’m only away for 6 weeks!


R0X1's V5C

 R0X1’s V5C

🙂 🙂 🙂



Ever grateful ….

Sitting shivering and eating my breakfast this morning (boiler needs urgent surgery) I found myself thinking of the way Tin Can Traveler, frequently signs off her blogs …..

Having made up my mind I can easily keep warm by continuing my weekend mission of disposing of material goods to charity shops and going to the tip with the junk, I started to consider how privileged I am. The boiler outage is a temporary annoyance, the landlord has arranged for it to be mended. I am not, like some in war torn or so-called third world countries, without shelter and in imminent danger of hypothermia or worse.

I have had sufficient disposable income that my downsizing can bring benefit to others less lucky and I have the choice to dispense with “stuff” that is non essential to my new life. Although my pension is very small and I will have to travel within a tight budget, I am able to have a retirement living my motorhome dream, not grubbing around for subsistence living.

And if that’s not reason to be “ever grateful” I don’t know what is  …

Thanks Annie 🙂

Blooming cold

(Kerria Japonica currently flowering in the garden)

All in the name ….

I’ve been pondering a name for The Van for some little while and nothing’s struck a chord.

Nomaggsrush?         Too long, doesn’t flow.

The Beast?               (As in the bike is Beauty and The Van is – well – big.) Does nothing for me and even less for The Van.

The Van?                  Too impersonal, no warmth.

Ladies and Gentlemen I present …… ROX1


Why?                The other day I was informed of her registration number. It will be RX14DVV. Take the first 2 letters, change the 1 to an I …..

It rocks!!! 😀

Charity shops are depending on me

I really should listen to myself more often. I’m great at giving advice to my patients but rarely apply it to myself.

To every newly diagnosed patient I say … “Stick to trustworthy sites if you go online looking for information. Avoid the forums as they can be very negative and a lot of contributors have agendas and axes to grind”. So …

“Maggs, go on the Motorhomes’ forums if you must, but have a question to which you can’t find the answer elsewhere. You start a new thread with your question (genuine specific questions appear to get genuine answers). Do not trawl through various random discussions as you will come across negativity, bitterness, jealousy, people with agendas and sometimes misinformation. Reading these will raise doubts, anxieties and nerves and spoil the anticipation and excitement.”

“Now stop worrying and get on with the downsizing clear out. Charity shops are depending on you!”

Trying things out 1

The above taken with the new G6 camera that has an internal widget for panoramas 🙂

Not MY van …..

but mine is now on order. And it will look just like the showroom model below. (BB is not a showroom model – he said he needed to be in the photo to give an idea of scale ….. poser!)

Lido Crossover model, brand new, a Fiat Ducato chassis with bodywork and fittings by Adria. LHD with fixed rear bed. Test drive went well – lovely to drive – and I didn’t hit anything or run over any kerbs!

BB’s input was invaluable as we discussed my needs and how to best achieve them. Out is the solar panel, in is the generator. Extras; leisure battery to give me enough amps when not hooked up to mains; dual reversing camera gives me the equivalent of a rear view mirror as well as a down facing camera for actual reversing; specialist motorhome sat. nav. to ensure I keep away from England! Some of the things I thought I needed have been reconsidered e.g. air con, as BB says, I have windows in the cab and it’s not as if I’m going to be spending time stuck on the M25! If it’s too hot to drive – don’t.

So now for a new list; things to go in van. Oh dear I may have to go shopping …..



So much to decide, and probably even more that I don’t know that I need to decide.

So decisions so far; VW camper v. low profile coach built, the latter wins as although there would be great nostalgia in going for the camper van, hippie trail in the sixties and all that, I’m in MY sixties and comfort wins (and then there’s the slight matter of my claustrophobia!). Definitely diesel not petrol. LPG not Calor gas. Fixed rear bed. No longer than 22ft (van not bed; I’m short). Must haves; reversing camera, sat nag (I mean nav),  large leisure battery, usual amenities, solar panel (which Big Bruvva has been volunteered to fit as he lives on a narrow boat and has fitted his own. He’s also a useful resource for answering some of these questions there being certain similarities between motorhomes and narrow boats, that is if you ignore the road/canal business)  ……

Known decisions to make; left or right hand drive, dongle provider, not forgetting the really important ones curtain and upholstery colour, carpet or vinyl flooring ….. and Li wants to know where the best European rabbits hang out. The list is endless, will I get through it and on the road before I need to hang up my licence?

I’m off to do some serious decision making in the pub ……