I like a bit of quirk –

and found it quite unexpectedly today.

I  walked the Thames path from Marlow to Henley against a very blustery headwind and amongst the millionaires’  posh pads and cruisers along the banks found some very British quirks.



Hope this wasn’t the transporter delivering ROX1


Fence warning

Which one?




“Just one cornetto ….. “

Fun walk 🙂

Pictures at an exhibition

My plastic and I visited the well timed camping and caravanning exhibition at the NEC, Brum. I had a list and was determined for bargains. Saw plenty, but little I wanted or needed, so the plastic failed to melt! I did join a couple of good schemes for discounted (low season) campsites. I shall probably use a campsite every week or so to do laundry etc.

Camping & caravan exhibition.Loved these bright colourful kites.

It was good that having looked round at all the stands I realise that I seem to have thought of most things. Nothing jumped out to make me think “OMG – how could I forget that?”    Here’s hoping I don’t regret that statement when I’m a good few hundred miles away …

Adria and Ducato standsAdria and Ducato stands

Lingered at the  Adria and Ducato stands. Excellent to see the Ducato chassis and to know that mine is already at the Adria factory in Slovenia being built on.

Ducato chassis.

Hope I don’t ever see my chassis like this.

Also delighted to find out that I automatically get 2 years of Ducato camper assist free, wherever I am in Europe (well I’m always in Europe but you know what I mean) – not that I really want to have to use it!

I had a great day.

Seven weeks til The Van arrives …..

White Rabbit day

Measuring time is something probably only humans do; we can never be absolutely certain of our intellectual supremacy. Days and years are journeys our physical environment makes. Minutes, hours, weeks and months however are artificial divisions. But today feels special. It’s exciting. It’s White Rabbit day, a new month. It’s February.

Now next month, next month, I retire!


February 2014


(Snowdrops and drops – last years Feb photo)


Deluge: Episode VI – Return of the Fields (2014)

The rain has lessened, flood waters are receding and wildlife is reappearing. The ground is still very sodden – obviously these little fellas have their burrow high enough up the slope for them to have remained safe.

Big ears

I took this with the new telephoto at 300 mm and am really pleased with the lack of too much noise on the heavy crop –

Big ears - the crop!

Popped into Henley to collect an online order on Saturday. As I arrived in the shop the young assistant was finishing playing a riff on the air drums so I topped it off for him with a roll and a ting on the high hat. There followed a discussion on our respective preferences for air instruments and then he told me all about the air guitar world championships. I must remember to check them out on youtube.

I just love the guys in Rohan – they’re so ….. human (and very slightly mad, like me)!

(see “It finally happened” Freddy Mercury)


I am lucky enough to have been born and live in a geologically ancient and benign area of this planet which suffers few natural disasters; the occasional 2 or 3 on the Richter scale may rattle the odd window, the odd hurricane force wind fell a few trees, the rare drought or extreme temperature bring short lived discomfort. Neither have I suffered the horrors of eruption, tsunami, famine or plague, nor the total devastation (peculiarly wrought by humans) of revolution, greed or tribalism.

Thankfully I have been merely inconvenienced by the “monsoons” of late but, in a relatively minor way, I am reminded  of the power of nature, and that all life clings precariously to the surface of this world. We would each do well to carefully tend and nurture the little area we inhabit … if looking after the pennies looks after the pounds perhaps looking after the backyards looks after the planet.

The flooded ford just outside the village – 8ft 3ins at it’s height.