Bored now …

My out-of-date nursing skills are no longer needed. She-who-has-been-mended is tearing up the tarmac on the road to recovery. Her physioterrorist is amazed at her progress and they are teamed up in a game of “let’s-see-exactly-how-much-we-can-improve-this-supposedly-non-improvable-nerve-damaged-leg”.

My skills at housework (negligible), laundry (adequate), childcare (so-so … the grandchild is a pre-teen, it’s not easy!), taxi driver (awesome), nagging mother (extremely awesome) and cooking (even more extremely awesome), remain in demand.

So, with the patient, the above described ex-nurse and the sometimes sulky pre-teen all feeling like the walls are closing in, my regular reader will be totally gob-smacked to learn  … I Have A Plan and what’s more The Plan Will Be Implemented.

It’s called the Half-way Plan (because K’s halfway through the post op recovery period) ; we are all, including LWD, going camping in the New Forest for a couple of days/nights in R0X1! The mended-one insists she is able to get up the steps into my bed (I’ll be in the bed that necessitates use of a ladder, she’s not that limber yet) and The Smart Pre-teen gets a brand new tent (well he has to have somewhere to go if he has a strop, and at least he won’t be able to slam the door!).

Blooming spring

😀  😀  😀

Room 101 (second choice)

I forget how many submissions are allowed to go down the chute of doom into Room 101 but there has to be space, after shallow kitchen sinks ( Room 101),  for my second choice – Insurance Companies.

Thirty-one years ago after Keith’s untimely death from an undiagnosable (at that time) congenital heart condition, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, he was posthumously accused by his life insurance company of taking out the policy knowing he was suffering from this problem and I was complicit in this. When my solicitor pointed out that undiagnosable meant that the condition could not be diagnosed therefore no-one could have known he was at risk, and that after nine months of non-payment he was increasing the amount of interest he would be charging on monies owed to me, they soon paid up. The whole business left a really sour taste … but life goes on, and I forgot what b*s*a*d* these companies can be.

It is currently my misfortune to be dealing with two other such companies;

  1. I had a reversing incident in R0X1 which damaged the bottom rear near side corner, exactly the spot that I cannot see either with the wing mirror or the dual reversing camera, maybe  a man might be useful after all ( I need a man … ) to spot these places for me when I reverse. I’m attempting to claim for repairs on my insurance. It has taken them over a month to decide that they need photos of the damage extra to those already sent (on August 27th!!!) and I had to call them (AGAIN) this morning to discover this …
  2. Daisy recently had some tests done to see if she has an underlying reason for her ear problems. Because the vet observed her ears were a bit smelly (but with no inflammation) at her first exam the day after I got her the insurance company are claiming this was an undisclosed condition and has refused to pay despite the fact that she didn’t have any ear infections until months after I insured her …

Uninsurable? 😦

I was considering taking out funeral insurance – but the mind boggles at what objections might be forthcoming when I expire … not to worry Kids, just chuck me in the sea with all those insurance terms and conditions attached to my body to weight me down …

🙂 🙂 🙂

Pillow talk – health and safety


Yes love …

My belly doesn’t feel good, and I’ve been sick on two mornings now …

(Thinks; Did the “little operation” not work? Do I need a pregnancy test kit?)

… and I’m having problems doing number twos.

Do you need to go to the vet?

NO!  You just took me,  you didn’t even give me a choice, and he stuck a needle in my neck.

That was your vaccination booster. And I’m beginning to wonder if it’s worth investing in your future health Greedyguts, as you’ve only got yourself to blame for your current discomfort.


You’ve got the same problem a doggie family member from a long time ago once had. She also stole some brazil-nut chocolates of mine. Rosie was a retriever and a lot bigger than you so they just went straight through and came out the other end minus the chocolate. And just like you she added insult to injury because I had to clear up the undigested nuts after her. Unfortunately for you being smaller, it’s taking longer for them to go through you and so your insides are suffering a little more.

How much longer will I feel poorly?

Not sure, but the one brazil nut you brought up this morning means there’s one less to go! I’ve checked online and you’re one lucky puppy that I only like chocolate brazils, as apart from almonds, they are the only nuts that are non-toxic to pups. And too much chocolate can kill puppies.

%*!@£^ … 

I wish I could believe you won’t steal again but for a pup who’s only 25% labrador you certainly exhibit the full percentage of the greediness trait. I s’pose I should be grateful you didn’t eat the cellophane wrapper too!

I need a snuggle ….

Come on then poorly girl. No lickies mind…
Version 2




Family split

The last day of this years holiday, there was a family split and the others cleared off for a day on the beach. What a scorcher! Someone, who should have known better, returned with blotchy red bits on her legs as she forgot to include them in her suncream routine. Self inflicted, so no sympathy from this former nurse; Numpty!

Apparently it was an extremely large dog-friendly beach and the LWD would have loved it. I however, in my Grumpy Old Woman persona, had refused to take her; I wasn’t prepared for her to, as she would’ve constantly, rub her ears in the sand after all the expense (£231) and hard work (cleaning and instilling drops twice daily) that has gone into getting the left one almost healed. As we hadn’t mentioned the B word in front of her she didn’t know what she was missing and therefore enjoyed our amble (too hot and humid to walk energetically) around the village a mile away from site.

Ashill, Norfolk

General consensus amongst the adults was that High Yedmandale Farm, Yorkshire should be awarded site of the holiday as it was the more tranquil and had those fantastic views.

🙂 🙂 🙂

A blue week.

This has been a strange and sad week. I attended the funeral of a friend who was part of my extended family (K’s stepmother); the first time I’ve been to a semi-formal military affair. The Smart One who adored his Granny, retired L/Col. RRC, QARANC, was given the choice of whether to attend. He chose to attend in his scout uniform as “others will be wearing uniform”. K and I were so proud as, along with the guard of honour, he gave his Granny a final salute, and held it for the whole of the flag lowering. Please no more weeks like this for a long time.

Yesterday I took advantage of a break in the rain and exercised both the LWD and the newish prime lens for the LumixG6 – rather pleased with the lens, not so pleased with her fluffiness who’s taken a liking to rubbing her neck over all the nasty niffs she can find!

🙂 🙂 🙂

Top trip

Yesterday was a long run up the best looking motorway in Europe, spring flowers colourful and abundant in the mountain pastures and glorious weather. Stopped for lunch at Millau services and nearly overheated in the sun, then on through volcano country frequently at altitudes in excess of 1000m. Still some snow on the top of Puy de Sancy. Overnight stop just outside Clermont Ferrand.

Had some concerns about the fuel situation when I went to fill up this morning as there’s been a 4 day strike (What? – In France?) and fuel was rationed due to delivery disruption but further up country I was able to top up the tank, so no worries about running dry before Dieppe. Found a vet in the middle of nowhere and much to the littlewhitedog’s disgust she’s all prepped and the passport signed in all the correct places – never leave the surgery without checking …  So here we are at our fast becoming regular stopover in Tours and for once it’s not wet or windy here. This is the place with loads of rabbits, herself is rapidly cheering up!

Once again it’s been a fantastic trip, seen and photographed great things …

… met some lovely people and now I’m ready for a hug from those who matter.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Pillow complaints

Hey Mum.

Yes Daize.

What is it with these French vets, that other one wasn’t nice last year? I mean the Spanish one hurt my ear but at least he made it better. There was nothing wrong with my throat or my bottom last year and today that injection hurt.

It’s not the French vets’ fault. You have to blame the government.

You blame the government for most things …

But government regulations state that your passport has to be completed to say you’re healthy, so you have your temperature taken and a quick examination, and that you don’t have echinococcus worms, so you’re given a tablet or an injection. The French vets have to do those things and then they can stamp your passport and we can go home.

Rather stay here than go through that. (mumble)

But then you wouldn’t be able to snuggle with K, the Smart One, or J and B.

But it’s really nice here, there’s loads of rabbits to chase – oops, sorry about yanking your arm earlier …

Apology accepted. But you wouldn’t be able to play with Milly either. Or Sam and Sally.

OK. When are we going?

Three more sleeps.

Oh good. Snuggle?



Certainly not.


🙂 🙂 🙂