All good fun

Four frosty days hooked up, thankfully, in the Midlands hanging out with BB. There are times when we behave like children, spontaneously play silly games and dissolve into fits of giggles.

Me: Where are we going?

BB: Dunno, which exit shall I take off the roundabout?

Me: First.

BB (having complied): At the junction?

Me: Straight on.

BB: At the roundabout in about five miles?

Me: Second exit.

BB: If it’s the M6 toll as I think it is,  you’ll have to chose another.

Me: I said second exit!

BB: That roundabout was the next roundabout, not the roundabout in five miles!

The second exit at the roundabout in five miles was the M6 toll. So we ended up taking the third exit to Lichfield; which was probably where BB intended to go all along, we just got there giggling and via a longer route!

Like me he’s into shop and market browsing and certainly neither of us is to be trusted in Fat Face. We enjoy the same films (mostly; I’ve never been a John Wayne fan), comedy (Swimming with Men and The Last Laugh watched this week) and music. You might think that’s entirely unexpected for siblings but BB left for Army Boys School when I was still in single figures (just) and I didn’t see much of him for the next dozen years – has to be the genes! The fact that we’re both currently having to diet I blame on the genes too!

The snow was very kind to us; I think Fazeley and a small surrounding area might have been in the only place in the UK that didn’t get a snow dump. Even Langport had sufficient that a snow day was declared by the local schools. The Smart One had huge fun with his mates snowball fighting and sledding, apparently returning home virtually hypothermic.

Tuesday was Coventry;

Wednesday was a brisk walk around Kingsury Water Park;

Thursday was a tiny bit frosty and included a trip to Lichfield;

I’m back now for the final week, which includes a meet up with The Bezzie and a double birthday party (J’s 40th and K’s 45th) before main engine start …

🙂 🙂 🙂

Total recall.

I’ve just been on another Midlands Meander with BB. This winter he’s parked in Kings Bromley marina – he does like to ensure I’m getting the complete Midlands experience. We went over to Chester a lovely old town I’d not seen enough of having been only once before.

On the way he took me in to Snugbury’s, an ice cream shop he’s always banging on about. Between you and I, dear reader, my two flavour (raspberry pavlova and chocolate brownie) cone was somewhat extra-special though it will take me a few more visits to confirm he’s right to call it the best ice cream ever, and I’ll never ever admit it to him!


The staff at Snugburys make a new straw sculpture every year. This year a 38ft tall Peter Rabbit dominates the skyline in honour of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Beatrix Potter.

The following day we honoured Lichfield’s christmas market with our presence. We sampled (and bought) our way boozily between the gin, wine and mulled wine stalls, pausing only long enough to purchase strong cheeses and finished off at a stall selling a lush paella (had to soak up all those samples). That evening we ate a rather scrummy meal at a Mediterranean restaurant in Lichfield; me, Andalucian pork. BB, Boeuf Bourguignon.


Interspersed between the gallivanting we managed to drink a couple of bottles of  French estate wine I’d brought back and a couple of cakes BB baked as he knew I was coming.

My visit was cut short when I was subjected to total recall and summoned back to Berkshire  (probably as well for the sake of both our waistlines). K’s back seized as she bent over her desk and picked up six of her classes exercise books – roll on next month, the MRI and decision day about the upcoming op. Hopefully her op will be as successful as R0X1’s cosmetic surgery – she is now a no gaffer tape zone!

🙂 🙂 🙂