Olympic venue

Formed in a tectonic depression and fed by several springs, L’Estany de Banyoles (The Lake of Banyoles) at 11.42sq.km., with a depth of 62.4m. and a circumference of 7km, is the largest natural lake in Catalunya. Home of the rowing events in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, it still hosts an annual triathlon and other national and regional events. The lake is zoned and all sorts of watersports take place with rowing training on the lake occurring most days except Sundays when the “grockles” appear to take over.

The backdrop is spectacular, the lake being completely encircled by mountains of the not very high variety with the Pyrenees peeking over the tops. (LWD and I will be tacking a fairly low peak sometime later this week.)


Training on the rowing course



The Pyrenees peeking …

Dotted along the eastern and southern lakeshores are over 20 pesqueres, fishing huts, which range from very simple single rooms with a tiny jetty to elaborate houses with a large dock. No two are the same.


We’re here for at least the next 9 days, so lots more exploring to do and explanations for the unexpectedly long stay later.

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Waxing lyrical

Joy isn’t reserved for the obvious moments; the panoramic views, the historic buildings and monuments, visiting new places, revisiting preloved ones or even the meeting of friendly, warm people, all of which thankfully, happen frequently in my nomadic life. These moments I can photograph and share.

Joy is also in the small moments; catching sight of Daisy defiantly tight-curled up under the table asleep this morning, in case I try to take her on another long 3D hike today; watching a herd of wild boar, with youngsters, crossing a field in the dim twilight (really not much more than assorted sizes of snorting, snuffling shadows); investigating the difference between the leaves of the European and English oak; a smiling native helpfully correcting my french vocabulary, obviously pleased that I’m attempting to converse in her language. These moments I cannot photograph and perhaps they are all the more joyful in that they are solely mine in memory.

It’s such a shame that, for most of us, our working lives do not allow us time to notice and truly appreciate many such joyous moments.

Yesterday’s 3D hike? Steep hill and valley – repeat x4

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It’s as a pedestrian that I’m a liability. 63 years (remember I wasn’t born able to walk!) of looking right first it’s so automatic I can’t kick the habit, and I can’t work out who has right of way on what are laughingly called pedestrian crossings.

The driving in France is no problem at all, I’ve even found my self driving on auto-pilot and not wandering onto the wrong (right) side – so glad I bought LHD. (And I give way to pedestrians all the time just in case!) Gear changing has become smoother, my right hand seems to have got the message! However I fear my right side may become over muscled because of all the stretch downs to the left to get the handbrake fully off. If I develop a lean like the tower of Pisa you’ll know why! R0X1 is handling like a dream, the hair pins are fun, and no olive groves to cause a skid (very long old story). Coming up here I did notice slightly less power as we got to over 1000 meters but only because I was expecting it might happen.

The views from this campsite are stunning, across a lake to a small town with a castle above and the (extinct) volcanos and forest all around. Last night’s moonrise was incredible. I didn’t have time to set up the tripod so it’s not perfect and the moon is not as red in the photo as it was with the naked eye. Unfortunately because of the time of year daytime views are too hazy for decent photos but here goes anyway …

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Cold hands

On a very nippy but bright late autumn afternoon, I finally found the time to capture some colour at Virginia Water lake, part of the Crown estate, Windsor Great Park.

Note to self; buy a pair of those fingerless gloves with the mitten cover before you lose another finger – this time to frostbite!

Lesson learned;

never pre-plan your blog post.

Driving to work this morning I got it all sorted in my head, what I was going to write and which image would best portray my feelings. It had to change at around half one this afternoon following a call to ask if I was still willing to sell to Mr Scrivens who has magicked up a new buyer. His new buyer was halfway through purchase of another property when their seller backed out. As all paperworks are fairly advanced it looks as if it might happen fairly quickly. So I’m not posting an image of a steam loco’s glowing firebox to illustrate my frustration after all. I give you this instead ….


 …… I am currently unruffled.