Percys and Frogs

It’s been a hectic few days. The Percys were observed shooting through, old friends were visited, Mandy, Paul and Dan, lovely to see you again after so long, and new campals were made in Barry, Anne and Sue. (Don’t believe anything any health professional tells you about recommended weekly units of alcohol, we keep the number low so that there’s plenty left on the shelves for us to purchase.) We were well into the wine when we discovered the reason we were all getting on so brilliantly had nothing to do with alcohol; Barry – GP; Anne (Barry’s wife) – Nurse; Sue – Nurse; Maggie – Nurse. Finally, on Monday evening LWD and I pitched up at BBs.

Sadly BB lost Sam, springer 13 yrs, a couple of weeks ago to kidney failure and I was a bit concerned how Sally, springer 12yrs, would react to being on her own with LWD. Sally has never been Daisy’s biggest fan, Sam and Daize always hit it off but Daize is usually a bit too excitable for Sal, however they’ve been brilliant together this past couple of days. LWD, which may be bit of a misnomer for her now, she’s developing more and more apricot patches as she matures (I use that term advisedly), first came across Frogs in France in May (who said “where else”?). She was somewhat startled but fascinated by them jumping. Here at the marina she’s not sure what to do with the plethora of Frogs jumping across the path during her evening walk but at least she doesn’t seem at all interested in eating their legs!

I asked BB if he could sort out my 12v electricity. The 12v feed is up near the ceiling and requires me to use a stool to reach the socket, the inverter has to sit on top of a cupboard which also requires me to stand on a stool to plug in an extension lead which then drapes untidily (and for any elves reading this, unsafely) from back to front of the van. I envisaged BB running cable from the 12v feed up, across the ceiling and forward to the desired spot with a socket at the end. Would he do that? Oh no … he, retired electrical whizz that he is … has wired directly from the leisure battery discretely under the floor to the inverter, now neatly tucked away out of sight, and at the mere flick of a fused switch, 12v comes into play when I’m off grid. I neither plug nor unplug anything and I don’t have to use a stool, and for that I will forgive him for dragging me all the way up to a chandlery near Nantwich, which had none of what he needed but just happened to be only a mile away from Snugburys ice cream shop (my regular reader may remember BB’s devotion to Snugburys ice cream from a previous post), only to find every electrical thingie he needed in a chandlery he’d “forgotten all about” not 10 miles away – I’m not a suspicious person but …

… mine was vanilla, sloe gin and damson (1 scoop) his was amaretto (2 scoops) and four tubs for the freezer!!) Yum.

Thank you so much BB


Happy Birthday

😂 😂 😂

Total recall.

I’ve just been on another Midlands Meander with BB. This winter he’s parked in Kings Bromley marina – he does like to ensure I’m getting the complete Midlands experience. We went over to Chester a lovely old town I’d not seen enough of having been only once before.

On the way he took me in to Snugbury’s, an ice cream shop he’s always banging on about. Between you and I, dear reader, my two flavour (raspberry pavlova and chocolate brownie) cone was somewhat extra-special though it will take me a few more visits to confirm he’s right to call it the best ice cream ever, and I’ll never ever admit it to him!


The staff at Snugburys make a new straw sculpture every year. This year a 38ft tall Peter Rabbit dominates the skyline in honour of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Beatrix Potter.

The following day we honoured Lichfield’s christmas market with our presence. We sampled (and bought) our way boozily between the gin, wine and mulled wine stalls, pausing only long enough to purchase strong cheeses and finished off at a stall selling a lush paella (had to soak up all those samples). That evening we ate a rather scrummy meal at a Mediterranean restaurant in Lichfield; me, Andalucian pork. BB, Boeuf Bourguignon.


Interspersed between the gallivanting we managed to drink a couple of bottles of  French estate wine I’d brought back and a couple of cakes BB baked as he knew I was coming.

My visit was cut short when I was subjected to total recall and summoned back to Berkshire  (probably as well for the sake of both our waistlines). K’s back seized as she bent over her desk and picked up six of her classes exercise books – roll on next month, the MRI and decision day about the upcoming op. Hopefully her op will be as successful as R0X1’s cosmetic surgery – she is now a no gaffer tape zone!

🙂 🙂 🙂

Sky and sky.

Yesterday was another trip into Aix, this time the clothes market – a blue sky day, I bought a cheap hat to keep the sun off and 3 more magnets for the collection. Had an economy salad Niçoise for lunch and congratulated myself that such a fresh tasty meal was so cheap – then ruined it all, including the low calorie count, by indulging myself in the decadent delight of “La Belle Hélène” a (mmmm)Mõvenpick sundae – cost as much as the salad and a drink together! Swiss perfection confection – vanilla and chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce and pear – a L’Oreal moment, because I’m worth it …

It does rain in the south of France and following heavy overnight wetness which continued, tho’ starting to abate somewhat, throughout this morning. I postponed today’s planned 12k walk through the parc naturelle to the next village via a lake and the windmill Cezanne famously painted. Instead this very grey sky, dripping morning was spent dry and cosied up in R0X1 knitting the lace shawl I intend to wear to some friends wedding – yes that’s yours Linda and Trevor. Haven’t anything to wear with the shawl but I’m looking … promise!

In the late 70’s, early 80’s a group of session and classical musicians fronted by the classical guitarist John Williams got together and funked up Bach’s toccata, it was such a  successful recording BBC TV broadcast a gig from a London church where they also performed some of their own stuff.  They went on to make several albums and toured. I saw a couple of their gigs and bought most if not all of their albums – a very original take on rock classical fusion. Thanks to my new iPad and bluetooth speaker I’ve been reacquainting myself with and knitting along to – Sky.

Sky; Herbie Flowers, Tristan Fry, Kevin Peek, John Williams

🙂 🙂 🙂