The never ending story

Given the level of competence shown by the other side’s legal team I am entirely unsurprised that contracts have not been exchanged today as they should have been.

would have made sure my client was aware he needed to be contactable on the proposed date of exchange so that his consent to exchange taking place could be confirmed. Nah – buyer cleared off for the weekend and his solicitor/conveyancer (whichever) is now on holiday until Jan 2nd. Something tells me completion date will not be the 10th.

I’m cross,


seeing red,


steaming mad,

Steamed up


and my poor son is all packed and unable to go

The case of the missing luggage

(note no full stop – it’s a never ending story)


Weathering the storm

I hardly dare mention it but the house is under offer again. I can only say that these potential purchasers appear very serious. They have offered the full asking price for a quick completion and asked that I take it off the market. I refuse to get even remotely excited until I have the electronic pennies in my hot sticky account.

An interesting few days are ahead. The Smart One and I will be keeping close company whilst K is in hospital having her three ruptured discs sorted. I plan on walking his, not so little these days, socks off partially to distract him and also because I need to lose the extra pounds put on since Lilah went. (I promised myself I would keep up the walks but at first found it too upsetting to go without her and now – well let’s be kind and call it inertia.) To keep things as normal as possible for the Smart One I’m moving in to K’s today; admission this evening, op tomorrow. How soon I return home will depend on how well she mobilises. I will however be doing the school run for several weeks.  N.B. I shall not be driving a 4×4 nor shall I be looking Yummy!

What is being called the St Jude’s day storm passed us by here overnight Sunday with scarcely a gust; OK, it was perhaps a tad breezy. I got to work in under usual time despite negotiating 3 fallen trees and a couple of very deep puddles. It’s half term and the Yummy Mummys in their 4x4s were having a bit of a lie-in. Bless.

Various cloudage –


Pause has not been pressed

My life is on hold ……

In fact only one thing is on hold. Apart from wierdoes crawling out from behind the skirting there is no movement on the house sale.

Wierdo One; made an offer and then dragged things along for eight weeks before rescinding his offer.

Wierdo Two; made an offer but courteously only dragged things out for five days before withdrawing.

Wierdo Three; without even seeing the property (although she says she has) three offers have been received, a low one, a slightly improved one (both rejected) and now virtually the full asking price …… however …… no-one has met her; as she’s asked for the white goods to be included and it’s a fitted kitchen she can’t have viewed, ergo she’s a porkie-pier; the estate agent has heard on the estate agents’ grapevine that she’s offered on a couple of other properties and withdrawn late stage. Adam (agent) has suggested that he is unable to get hold of me and can’t inform me of the offer, he’s tried and tried but it appears I haven’t answered my phone until after she has or hasn’t turned up for her “second” view on Saturday along with 5 other potential buyers, who apparently are genuine. This one is front runner for the prize of Wierdo of the Sale.

In the mean time I sternly remind myself,  pause has not been pressed; life is continuing. Saw Reginald D Hunter recently but not massively impressed, slight sniggers only, Canadian support act was very funny. Seeing Bill Bailey tomorrow night – Tenalady is I am reliably informed “de rigueur” wear! K is finally having her back op next week so Grandma is having care of the Smart One for five days. I was out and about with the G2 on a lovely early autumn weekend a couple of weeks ago some of the results below.

Comfort food

So much for signs and portents.It’s been a septimana horribilis to paraphrase HMQ, starting Sunday with the discovery that Lilah cannot be my travelling companion. I found her a good and loving new home and she left for her new life on Thursday. Saturday I heard that the house sale has fallen through, I wasn’t surprised as it’s been taking far too long and I had suspicions that the buyer was just stringing me along.

So for some comfort, rather than eat, I started looking through the photo library. These images are from a great, long weekend last October in the wonderful and sometimes weird and whacky city that is Barcelona. R and I were celebrating 45 years of friendship since we met on our first day of nurse training – it’s a friendship I treasure deep inside. It soothes me to think about it today.

Lesson learned;

never pre-plan your blog post.

Driving to work this morning I got it all sorted in my head, what I was going to write and which image would best portray my feelings. It had to change at around half one this afternoon following a call to ask if I was still willing to sell to Mr Scrivens who has magicked up a new buyer. His new buyer was halfway through purchase of another property when their seller backed out. As all paperworks are fairly advanced it looks as if it might happen fairly quickly. So I’m not posting an image of a steam loco’s glowing firebox to illustrate my frustration after all. I give you this instead ….


 …… I am currently unruffled.