Wassup do(c)g?

Daisy is having a mope, not sure what it’s about or even if I should be concerned considering what a drama queen she is. She accompanied me on a mountain hike yesterday and nothing of note occurred, no fall or trip we could sue over. She trotted along apparently happily, yes the terrain was pretty rough but the ascents and descents weren’t overly taxing; did her usual plonk down right in front of me when burrs or twigs got caught on her legs and gave me a refusal until I removed the offending article(s) (her union forbids her from trying to remove them herself).

After we got back to the site and I’d had some refreshment and we’d returned to the van, she suddenly became distressed whimpering and whining, some sharp cries as if she were in pain and clingy or what …  After lots of cuddles I felt her all over, examined the paws for cuts, grazes and foreign bodies but couldn’t elicit any objections to my probing. I decided a bit later that as there had been no refusal of tea (fat chance) and she’d managed a short walk for the necessaries without problem there was no need to worry overly much. I’m letting her take it easy today, she’s not whingeing as much but remains listless with the occasional yelp and still clingy. Perhaps yesterday’s hike was a bit rough underpaw, an ascent, a descent or a dry river gully too far for someone with even shorter legs than mine …

😦 😦 😦

If you don’t like the weather …

… move on.

After a severe thunderstorm which literally and noisily lasted the whole night and having seen the forecast assuring me I can expect several more such events daily for the next 3 days, I’m out of here just as soon as the courier has been.

Shame it’s a lovely place, and the campsite is great (mind the river level’s come up somewhat overnight). Because of poor light/weather I haven’t been able to get a decent photo of ‘le viaduc’ despite a round 14k hike along the banks of the R. Tarn yesterday . Better luck next visit

🙂 🙂 🙂

Alternative transport

How to get around during planned stopovers?

I don’t want to be unplugging the Van each time I want to explore, which will be frequently given my curiosity and itchy shutter finger. Public transport is an option when available, a car is not as it means a huge van with garage and enormous road tax and insurance bills; not on my pension 😦  Shanks’s will be a frequently used option; have boots will hike. The final option, which has got me all excited, is a power assisted bicycle. I’ve found one called a Black’nroll which is light enough to go on the Van’s bike rack and has the incredible top engine speed of 27mph; it’s not as if I’ll be in a hurry. It’s perfect, as although I enjoy cycling, I don’t do hills – cue engine!

It’s easily parked. It’s cheap to run. It’s slightly crazy. It’s on my ever increasing shopping list! I shall have a red one and call it Gordon after my Dad.

Bicycle, unsurprisingly, from the Amsterdam archives;