Fifty percent disaster

Rosemary and John have driven me mad-ly to all sorts of places! I’ve met some of their ex-pat. friends for lunch and dinner at Spanish restaurants, a very friendly bunch I shall be seeing again at Christmas.

We found a caravan shop where I was able to get a connector for the grey water hose, another warning triangle (it’s obligatory to have 2 in Spain), a ground cover for under the awning and a stack of assorted rock pegs all at ridiculously low prices. The same place also has a replacement kitchen window on order for me.

There are several “brotherhoods” locally who take part in the great Easter festival. Each Icon is on a platform shouldered by 50-60 people all in costume. There are mounted sections of the procession, which takes about 4-5 hours to pass by, who perform representations of historic battles, again all participants including the horses richly costumed. The costumes all have either religious or historic scenes hand embroidered, and I was totally gob smacked by the amount of detail satin stitch can give, facial expressions are amazingly well portrayed. The White Brotherhood costumes spend the rest of the year on display in their museum, and videos of the spectacular parade show on a loop. When Rosemary and I visited I didn’t take the camera but discovered that I could have photographed there so a return visit may well happen in December.

We’ve been to coastal towns and over mountains, to village markets and large malls. Today was a search for a bike. I decided on a folding bike that can be stored in the garage rather than a full sized bike that I’d have to lift up onto a bike rack. Found a good one in a shop in Lorca, the pannier takes 20kgs and will easily accommodate Daisy in a basket so we shall soon be extending our out-of-van wanderings. Once again price was a lot lower than in England.

Also low in price were our 2 Spanish hair cuts. As Daize can’t read yet it’s safe for me to write that I’m extremely glad that hers was the disaster. Mine was really good, even tho’ it was half the price of hers, think I might be taking her to a hairdresser rather than a groomer in future …

I’m off travelling again for a few weeks but will return here mid-Dec for the window fitting and Christmas.

🙂 🙂 🙂