All good fun

Four frosty days hooked up, thankfully, in the Midlands hanging out with BB. There are times when we behave like children, spontaneously play silly games and dissolve into fits of giggles.

Me: Where are we going?

BB: Dunno, which exit shall I take off the roundabout?

Me: First.

BB (having complied): At the junction?

Me: Straight on.

BB: At the roundabout in about five miles?

Me: Second exit.

BB: If it’s the M6 toll as I think it is,  you’ll have to chose another.

Me: I said second exit!

BB: That roundabout was the next roundabout, not the roundabout in five miles!

The second exit at the roundabout in five miles was the M6 toll. So we ended up taking the third exit to Lichfield; which was probably where BB intended to go all along, we just got there giggling and via a longer route!

Like me he’s into shop and market browsing and certainly neither of us is to be trusted in Fat Face. We enjoy the same films (mostly; I’ve never been a John Wayne fan), comedy (Swimming with Men and The Last Laugh watched this week) and music. You might think that’s entirely unexpected for siblings but BB left for Army Boys School when I was still in single figures (just) and I didn’t see much of him for the next dozen years – has to be the genes! The fact that we’re both currently having to diet I blame on the genes too!

The snow was very kind to us; I think Fazeley and a small surrounding area might have been in the only place in the UK that didn’t get a snow dump. Even Langport had sufficient that a snow day was declared by the local schools. The Smart One had huge fun with his mates snowball fighting and sledding, apparently returning home virtually hypothermic.

Tuesday was Coventry;

Wednesday was a brisk walk around Kingsury Water Park;

Thursday was a tiny bit frosty and included a trip to Lichfield;

I’m back now for the final week, which includes a meet up with The Bezzie and a double birthday party (J’s 40th and K’s 45th) before main engine start …

🙂 🙂 🙂

Er – what year is this? (and other memory issues)

Our first trip of the new year – we didn’t wait long! Another stay in the Fens on the superb Fields End Water site. Open all year, quiet, very well laid out, good size hardstanding pitches, very friendly staff, heated shower block and all other amenities. Two fishing ponds for those that way inclined and dog friendly with plenty of walks around. Stay here every time I visit P and highly recommend it.

Saturday’s weather was extremely wet and Daisy was getting a little waterlogged, unfortunately she’s not developed her under coat yet but has grown like a weed and her raincoat no longer fits so off to Pets at Home we motored and I spent an arm and a leg kitting her out (my arm and leg not hers, otherwise the new coat would have fallen straight off her). The expedition reminded me of the year J grew 9 inches in 7 months, three sets of top to toe clothing – Costa del Packet then too. Also got Daize a tie down cable; that’s already a big success as she’s no longer getting caught up under the van axles/waste pipes/exhaust etc., as she was with the extendable lead.

Due to an oversight I forgot to pick up my camera bag when leaving and as I also left my phone behind I couldn’t do the Bailey/Snowden bit. Obviously that didn’t matter on Saturday as it pissed down all day and I’d only have got puddle pix but Sunday dawned bright and I was a tad annoyed with myself then; no nice thick white frosty images of the fens. I blame Daisy for the camera bag as I had to hide it behind the armchair away from puppy teeth but the phone is K’s fault. She asked me, as I was about to leave, to get the xmas decoration boxes out of the understairs cupboard (being short has it’s disadvantages and being designated understairs cupboard caretaker is one of them) and I put my phone down to oblige and didn’t pick it up again. It’s strange, when we are so keen to get the decs up, how soon we want to get them down; my little van tree got packed away on the 28th Dec.

Having had some problems with missing things – well not really missing so much as being 90 miles away from where I wanted them – Sunday I found my £500 varifocal/transitions specs only bought last March and missing since week one of my travels – I’d put them away safely in a compartment in the dashboard and promptly forgot said compartment existed. (I blame the streamlined design; hard to see the join without glasses on!)


Nice thick white frosty image from the archives.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Niggling worries and second childhood

The temperature is dropping and I’m concerned about the boiler. The boiler manual (first time out for this manual) says to drain it for the winter, but I don’t want to be draining then refilling then draining again, as I intend using R0X1 school half terms and hols and maybe the odd weekend. (Just booked sites for the Feb and May half terms, Worcester and the New Forest respectively). Currently I have the boiler running on it’s lowest setting, hopefully that will be enough to keep everything frost free. Should I take her for a spin every couple of weeks to keep the brakes from seizing? I wasn’t supposed to have to worry about stuff like this … keep a space for me in Portugal next winter fellow M’homers!

Worries aside, I took the Smart One out for a spag bol at our favourite Italian on Friday evening, then we went walkabout to see the Xmas tree exhibition and the Christmas market in Twyford. Market less than exciting, all tombolas and tat, apart from our neighbour, known to us as Upstairs Jonathan (to distinguish him from son Jonathan and grandson Jonathan) who was putting on a very untatty juggling/balancing performance, but the trees each decorated by local organisations from the nursery schools to the W.I. were lovely. All massed in the church they made Magic and Sparkle (to coin a well known store’s Christmas ad slogan)

Then this afternoon the Smart One took his Grandmama – well I drove as his feet don’t reach the pedals yet but he told me how as usual – to see Paddington (the movie). I was OK about going, wasn’t expecting much, but what a treat! Hugely funny, mine were not the only very unladylike guffaws, beg pardon. Nicole Kidman hammed it up beautifully as the bad guy. It’s a shame K has a really nasty cold and sore throat and couldn’t come – the Smart One and I will be gutted to have to accompany her when she goes to see it (she really shouldn’t be allowed out on her own). We saw the trailers for the new Aardman – Shaun the Sheep, The Movie, definitely a must see, and for A Night at the Museum 3.

There’s a lot to be said for this second childhood stuff …

🙂 🙂 🙂