Plastic surgery completed

A huge welcome home to R0X1 following “surgery” to her rear nearside (UK) corner and replacement grey waste pipe. At the same time she had a service and MOT and is once more fit to travel. Many thanks to Richard and Brian at my local garage in Langport.

The BFF has also just come out of hospital having had surgery so next week R0X will get a long overdue run out – down to Cornwall so I can help relieve R’s boredom – she really doesn’t do “take it slowly” at all well.

Tomorrow morning festive decorations will appear chez Crosby/Mepstead, looking forward to seeing all my baubles and my Santa collection again. One of the nicest things about this joined up multi generational household is the huge amount of baubles, ornaments, trees and lights we jointly own, all of which will be on display. Then late afternoon we’ll go into Langport for the market, fireworks and lights switch on, hopefully amongst the food concessions there’ll be a mulled wine stall …

Pix will follow early next week.


Spanish (and UK) New Year

Despite the site being at almost 100% pitch occupancy, I woke this morning at 9 a.m. to absolute silence and stillness. Hardly surprising considering that as I was giving LWD her final walk of yesterday/first of today at nearly 3 a.m., the site was still full of revellers returning to their places of rest.

New Years Eve was an Event here at Pinar San José. LWD and I wandered to the beach late morning, not our first expedition of the day. On the tide line was a busted dinghy with contents all strewn around. The general opinion was that all was abandoned by illegal immigrants who did not dare to stop and pick up their scattered possessions. The presence of the Guardia parked in a 4×4 overlooking the spot seemed to back up the supposition. Here’s hoping the occupants are safe and well.

I met up with Penny, David and Ghandi the Dog (campals) on the beach and we had a coffee before returning to site to ready ourselves for the festivities.

Said festivities commenced at 2.30 p.m. when a bunch of about 30 of us (mixed nationalities, no Brexit here) gathered in the bar/restaurant for the three course “menu del dia”, excellent meal for €11. Then after another “let’s tire out the dogs walk” with Dean, Rob and Sarah – Daize and Peaches did their mad chasing each other around in circles whilst labradors Star and Molly looked disdainfully on – back to respective mohos to rest up before the main attraction. I tarted up, even managed to find a pair of heels and wear them despite knowing my feet would regret the choice, which they did!

At about 9 p.m. I returned to the bar to suffer an evening of live music, disco, friendly banter (and some deep and meaningful discussion), drinking and dancing with our multi-national community. At midnight we celebrated the New Year with hugs, kisses and white grapes (Spanish tradition) then we danced some more; at 1 a.m. CET we celebrated New Year with the UK and had our English traditional songs for the sake of whomever with the Dutch and Germans, whilst the Spanish watched (and filmed) with a certain amount of bemusement. It was a fabulous day/night made all the better for its international flavour.

One moment really stood out for me; one of our own Jo, who happens to be gay, grabbed a chair plonked it down in front of a Spanish lad with cerebral palsy in a wheelchair, she sat down and proceeded to dance with him – he loved it and his smiling, spasming face was a joy to behold. It was a day of human behaviour at it’s best; age, nationality, disability, sexual preference all ignored.

I can only hope that these sort of moments happen more frequently in my life and in yours, dear reader, and wish you many moments of joy in 2018.

St Lucian sunset
Sunset in St. Lucia 2004

🙂 🙂 🙂

Navy with white spots

When I was eighteen, doing my training in London, I bought a fabulous dress – it may have been from Richard shops (now defunct), they were a favourite chain of mine. It was, as per the time, extremely short, what my Dad used to call a pelmet. As was all the rage it was made from lined crinkle cotton, navy blue with tiny white spots, a slightly A-line shift with a small box pleat frill at the hem and at the edge of the short sleeves. I adored it and wore it with high fashion slingback brogue fronted, low heels. I felt like the bees knees with my hair pulled back into a small bun with a navy scrunchy (except that scrunchies hadn’t been invented and we did magical stuff with organza scarves). My best friend at the time, we’d met a year earlier on our first day, coveted The Dress, and being the fantastic best friend that I was she borrowed it if she was going on a date unless I was also going on a date. I had first call on it. Her boyfriend had no idea it wasn’t her own dress until on one date he commented that he had hoped she would be wearing The Dress. She said I was wearing it on a date and had to confess!

I thought very fondly about all this yesterday when I bought a brand new navy blue dress with slightly larger white spots. This one is a tad longer shirt dress, as befits my years. I doubt that I shall ever be as fond of it but I like it and it seemed appropriate and I hope to wear it in September when I meet up for a few days with my current best friend and we go out for a meal.

We shall be celebrating 50 years of dress sharing, problem sharing, holiday sharing, wine and other alcohol sharing, laughter sharing, dog walking, friendship – but no way is she borrowing my dress, she can get her own!

P.S. No picture – I don’t want her getting any covetous ideas!!

🙂 🙂 🙂

Comfort food

So much for signs and portents.It’s been a septimana horribilis to paraphrase HMQ, starting Sunday with the discovery that Lilah cannot be my travelling companion. I found her a good and loving new home and she left for her new life on Thursday. Saturday I heard that the house sale has fallen through, I wasn’t surprised as it’s been taking far too long and I had suspicions that the buyer was just stringing me along.

So for some comfort, rather than eat, I started looking through the photo library. These images are from a great, long weekend last October in the wonderful and sometimes weird and whacky city that is Barcelona. R and I were celebrating 45 years of friendship since we met on our first day of nurse training – it’s a friendship I treasure deep inside. It soothes me to think about it today.