Alliances and Friends

I’ve written about friendships before but never realised that, being English, I’m part of what is the oldest documented friendship in the world, all 643 years of it. The Anglo-Portuguese alliance treaty of 1373, signed for England by Edward III and for Portugal by King Ferdinand and Queen Eleanor, updated eventually to include the whole of the UK, remains in force and was most recently invoked by the UK during the Falklands argument, allowing the Azores to be used as a base. (Does this mean Portugal’s the only country we’ve never been at war with?)

The Portuguese are a very friendly, open people whose idea of only speaking a little English corresponds to my idea of virtual fluency.  Given that and the climate and relaxed lifestyle it’s hardly surprising that there are an awful lot of Brits of all ages living and working here.

The weather since I arrived in Portugal has been a tad inclement and another wet and grey day on Friday tempted me towards comfort food, the old friend fish and chips seemed to fit the bill. So I went to the campsite restaurant for fish and chip night; as the waiter escorted me to my table Jasper’s Dad, overwintering here in a motorhome, who I’ve been chatting to on the dog walking circuit, came over and invited me to join him and his wife at their table. Lovely couple and I spent a great evening with new friends. Fish and chip night is a new venture for the chef and he did really well; lovely thin, light batter, the fish was a different firmer texture to cod but moist and tasty and they’d obviously shipped the mushy peas in from the UK! (Note to K; Foreigners can do Mushies. These had not been watered down – we need to have serious words with the station Chinese chippy.) I’ve frequently scoffed at holiday makers who come abroad and then eat only McDonalds or fish and chips and drink beer in “English” pubs rather than trying local specialities; my excuse for this lapse is that I haven’t eaten fish and chips since August and probably won’t again until I return.

Today we touristed Lagos – I’m a little confused by the Lagos boomerangs tho’ cobbers …

🙂 🙂 🙂

The Extras.

The Extras may get the odd mention.

There’s BB, the much older brother to whom I may have alluded in a previous post, Cap’n of the Blue Buzzard.


Big Bruvva

Varigated nephews and niece, grandnephews and grandnieces too numerous to capitalise unless they show up.

Friends R&S, P&S, H&C and S.

Lastly (and least importantly) my direct descendants (whose inheritance I am spending)!


K, J and The Smart One

You are all welcome to visit if you bring your own sleeping bags, dark chocolate digestives, reduced sugar marmalade and promise not to stay overlong  xx

PS. Can WordPress cope with the weight of all those Mepstead noses on the same page?