Colour me thrilled …

She-who-has-been-mended is back (pardon the pun, regular Reader) at home. We were able to play the get-out-of-jail-free card late Saturday afternoon.  She left hospital an inch taller than she went in and the absolutely amazing thing is that I can already see the improvement in the foot drop and it’s also a bit straighter – and that’s before the intensive physio starts in six weeks! We were told that the nerve damage had been too long lasting for there to be any hope of recovery, so even that little bit already gained is very welcome – I am so going to nag about the exercises …

The consultant said, and I quote “the operation went swimmingly” although it took an hour longer than usual to decompress the nerves. Understandably after all the drilling, screwing and hammering (she has a titanium plate on her spine, rods either side, “cages” around the bone graft sites and two new discs) her pain levels at the moment are very high but her movements are getting more fluid almost by the hour, she’s walking short distances with the aid of a crutch. Well done to K for being brave enough to go for broke and have the op. Colour me thrilled (and relieved)!

So I don’t feel the slightest bit guilty for commencing the planning for France in June and July – I’ve even bought maps. Back in UK for August for a family holiday and celebration of, as he puts it, the fiftieth anniversary of BB’s 25th birthday! Then off to Spain for the postponed Barcelona trip with BB, a visit to R&J in Murcia in October (hopefully) and south coast Andalucia for Christmas with the Bezzies.


Yippee! It’s so good to finally have all going well and so many things to look forward to.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Watch this space …

Got BB coming at the weekend to cast his beady eye over possibly, The Van. If he approves, or even if he doesn’t(!), but I will take his advice into account, I may be about to order a brand new Van …..

Excitement mounts ….                 Excitement