Plastic surgery completed

A huge welcome home to R0X1 following “surgery” to her rear nearside (UK) corner and replacement grey waste pipe. At the same time she had a service and MOT and is once more fit to travel. Many thanks to Richard and Brian at my local garage in Langport.

The BFF has also just come out of hospital having had surgery so next week R0X will get a long overdue run out – down to Cornwall so I can help relieve R’s boredom – she really doesn’t do “take it slowly” at all well.

Tomorrow morning festive decorations will appear chez Crosby/Mepstead, looking forward to seeing all my baubles and my Santa collection again. One of the nicest things about this joined up multi generational household is the huge amount of baubles, ornaments, trees and lights we jointly own, all of which will be on display. Then late afternoon we’ll go into Langport for the market, fireworks and lights switch on, hopefully amongst the food concessions there’ll be a mulled wine stall …

Pix will follow early next week.


Wish carefully.

Yesterday Pete’s biological and chosen family gathered to celebrate his life and to bid him farewell. On a bright and sunny day we shared music and memories, said our goodbyes and wept a little for our loss.

Today I’ve been remembering that Christmas Eve in 1967 when we received the news from Australia that following a car crash he had a severe brain injury, was in a deep coma and was not expected to live the night. I was 3 months into my nurse training and sat crying by the back door hoping that he would die rather than suffer brain damage. He survived, he had brain damage; but what I would have missed had my wish been granted. Much love, he was a great hugger; much laughter, he so enjoyed teasing and mischief; his generosity of spirit and tenacity. Pete’s values remained those of the time his life changed. He was courteous, polite, well mannered and considerate, a true old-fashioned gent.

The grumpy old man who owned the bike shop where Pete got his spares said of him “Always knew what he wanted, could hardly understand a word he said tho’, the only one of my customers I liked”

For a while after he was repatriated home I resented this familiar stranger in my brothers skin. That slowly changed and he became once more, and for nearly 48 more years, one of my adored older brothers.

Be careful what you wish for; it might come true, and you might miss something beautiful …

PHM Spain

xxx 🙂 🙂 🙂 xxx

Gearing up …

for the first foreign mini-tour of the year.

Well that is, I’ve identified the need for;

a) a road map of the Benelux area,

b) a printout of the shuttle ticket, and

c) sufficient diesel to get us to the other side and cheaper prices.

I am, surprisingly (see 1st para. of blog “Did I forget to mention?” 3/3/15), not missing any vital documents – apart from the aforementioned printout. I shall delay the purchase of diesel, LPG and a new CalorGas bottle until the trade winds die down a little, R0X1 has been rocking away for quite a few hours now. If this gale continues I shall be even better pleased that we’re letting the train take the strain on Saturday.

Saw most of my nearest and dearest last week. Wednesday there was a tap at R0X1’s door and there stood BB demanding coffee in the way only Big Bruvvas can! He’d been to his REME reunion at Arborfield, unfortunately had to get the hire car back and couldn’t stop but it was good to have a hug.

Thursday J, B and Millie arrived and we spent a couple of quality time days together. I do love having my brood all together, as usual the dogs exhausted themselves playing.

See you on the other side …

🙂 🙂 🙂

Family recycling

With completion due on the house sale on Friday J is now nearly packed and noticeably excited. He’s found a ground floor flat he really likes with a bit of quirkiness, as he describes it, and a small garden, ideal for the Millie-dog.

He’s had a recent health scare and has been told he needs to eat decent food at regular times, something that’s not so easy as a full time night worker. He’s a very good cook though and is cutting out the takeaways, with plans to batch cook and freeze his meals. As I have to cut my possessions by at least two thirds he is happy to be the recipient of all the kitchenware I won’t be able to take on board the MH Nomaggsrush. So when I drive down to help with the move later in the week I shall have a boot full of surplus for him.

Unwanted (by me!)

We’re going to be playing musical chairs quite literally too – K is having my sofa and chairs, J is having K’s and J’s will be going to his mate who was homeless until fairly recently.

Most importantly tho’ J is going to be proud caretaker of The Bookcase. Just after the war my father, a teacher, up cycled (trendsetter that he was!) some old oak school desks into a bookcase. One shelf even has the hole for the inkwell! It was given to me when I set up my first home. Keith, late husband, stripped and re-varnished it about 30 years ago. Then it went back to my parents again. K had it in her first few homes then it came back to me ….

Grandad's Bookcase

…..  so many memories for all of us 🙂

The Extras.

The Extras may get the odd mention.

There’s BB, the much older brother to whom I may have alluded in a previous post, Cap’n of the Blue Buzzard.


Big Bruvva

Varigated nephews and niece, grandnephews and grandnieces too numerous to capitalise unless they show up.

Friends R&S, P&S, H&C and S.

Lastly (and least importantly) my direct descendants (whose inheritance I am spending)!


K, J and The Smart One

You are all welcome to visit if you bring your own sleeping bags, dark chocolate digestives, reduced sugar marmalade and promise not to stay overlong  xx

PS. Can WordPress cope with the weight of all those Mepstead noses on the same page?