Croeso i Cymru

Unfortunately the new drain bung did not work, but I did get a big clue, the tank did not empty until after I ran the water briefly.

Unfortunately also, I got distracted by a well meaning neighbour wanting to pass on some Cadbury’s egg and spoon eggs to the Smart One whilst I was doing my drive away checklist before going to collect the new drain bung. Big bang (could this be how the universe was born?) and I realised my mistake … I managed to rewire the van plug-in but I still didn’t have any electric or any idea where to find the fuse box.

Undaunted I set off for Wales and my long awaited long weekend with R&S.

Croeso i Gymru

S is VWman and brought clarity of thought to the diagnosis of R0X1’s ailments, bless him he managed to undo the spare gas tank nut and insert the fuel gauge (with the aid of my lump hammer on a heavy gauge cast spanner) and has left it tight but not overtight so I can now uncouple the cylinder when necessary. Then we investigated the lack of electrical connectivity and discovered that my vague recollection of the whereabouts of the control box and fuse panel was correct and that there was nothing amiss with either. Next S checked the current in the hook-up cable, no problem there and my rewire of the plug was judged adequate. By this time it was either going to be a very expensive problem or a very cheap one – unusually for me it turned out to be the cheap option – one 13amp fuse replaced in the mains plug!

Then on to the recurring headache. Where is the bloody water going or rather how is it getting where it’s going?

Yep - that's a leak

Photo credit; Photo of Maggie’s Bum by her so-called Best Friend R.

S immediately picked up on the clue and eventually we tracked down the problem. It turns out that there’s a barely detectable by touch button that has to be reset after the automatic tank drain triggered by extreme low temperature has occurred and it doesn’t help that said button is at the back of the mechanism where it is certainly not detectable by eye. So as soon as I ran the water the siphon effect kicked in and the tank emptied – over and over and over and over …
Doesn’t now!!!! Another cheap fix – I’m on a roll 😝

Now back from Wales in a fully functioning R0X1, I can travel the bowels of Le Manche in 10 days without worries. Hope I haven’t written too soon … (there’s still the issue of the necessity for the train’s windscreen wipers to be on)

The weekend was superb. Daisy’s little legs are even shorter as she has hill climbed, river-bank walked, stream paddled, leaf chased and hurtled her little body around in a frenzy of friendliness with loads of new human and doggy friends. I have walked as far and as high as Daisy, but declined to join her splashing in the stream, I’ve also eaten and drunk far too much but all in superb company 😍

Thanks R&S – looking forward to round 2 in August.

😀 😀 😀