Room 101

For ages I’ve been blaming my early, late middle-age (K’s description of my age bracket) self for my sodden midriff every time I do the washing up. (Not everyone has room for a dishwasher – well K has – me!) I have to admit to being a bit clumsier these days, with quite possibly not the precisional dexterity I had a few years ago. Wear an apron, did you say? Perish the thought, hate the things; comes from having to wear the down to the knees, full bibbed and strapped white cotton things as a student nurse way back in the 60’s. (Come on … in mufti I was wearing micro minis … ) Tho’ it was very useful to be able to write results/messages/good looking medical students phone numbers on the underside of a hem starched to within a millimetre of being cardboard. (Don’t get me started on the even more heavily starched collars) No, wearing a waterproof apron is unacceptable and would only divert the torrent of dirty water via the pinny to the the floor rather then via the cupboard door and I’d still have to mop it up.

Then this morning, a Eureka moment.
It occurred to me, whilst trying to avoid the threatening tsunami of dirty washing up water aiming for my early, late middle-aged spread, that I never have this problem when washing dishes in R0X1. What, I asked myself, is so different when I perform this menial task there? In a Flash (shame about Rik Mayall) it came to me that the kitchen sink in R0X1 is deep, leaving the washing up bowl well below the height of the sink, so the murky waters aren’t seething at it’s edge.

Come on all you kitchen designers (I hesitate to mention that most of them are probably male and therefore do not do so much washing up, since my male architect cousin objected to a previous rant of mine – see “Always talk to a Woman” – accusing me of being sexist) let’s get deeper “Belfast” type sinks back into fashion, surely they can be moulded in plastic/stainless steel with drainers, and dump these shallow buggers into Room 101 (or whichever lake/sea/ocean they feel an affinity for).

🙂 🙂 🙂