Medically and dentally fit to travel!

Last week the dental extractions happened, I can’t believe how much better I felt virtually immediately. Having had months of sinusitis and troublesome teeth it’s great to be pain free!!

This week I visited my new Practice Diabetic Nurse. She was all ready to plough through the indoctrination spiel and was heartily glad that she didn’t have to after I gave her my history. She was very pleased that the weight loss programme is well underway, and that my fasting blood sugars are already responding to the weight loss so far; not yet down to normal range but showing an improvement. Go me! As I requested she’s leaving matters to me for the next six months; when I go back to see her on my return, all being well I shall be down to my target weight, and back in remission.

The last few days I’ve been converting my travelling thoughts into hard plans; deciding on places I want to visit and finding Aires and Camper Stops. On the plans are granite granaries, schist villages, medieval bridges, and a lot of twisty windy mountain roads (snow chains and shovel are on board just in case). I’m down to Central(ish) Portugal and week 5 so far. Place your bets, dear regular readers, as to how quickly I throw the plans out of the window …

I’ve made a conscious decision to avoid all large towns and cities unless there is something in one that I really don’t want to miss. Neither Daise nor I like the noise, traffic or crowds so we’ll stick to being country bumpkins. There will be one exception; just before Easter, K and The Smart One are going to a resort just outside Barcelona. I shall find a campsite close by for that week and show them round one of the few cities I actually love.


Next week I’ll be spending a few days with BB at the marina; the lady “what runs it” says I can stay in the car park – if the weather remains this cold I’m hoping she’ll let me hook up for a reasonable charge.

20 sleeps to main engine start …

🙂 🙂 🙂

Royal reprieve

LWD has had a forced march along the Praia de Mei in Lagos, 3 miles of crescent shaped beach with decent pale sand and very few people. It’s hard to imagine it as crowded as it must be in high season but the number of bars and restaurants, most closed for the winter, indicate it’s a popular spot. LWD ran, rolled and rollicked.

I collected some shells and tried my hand at still life photography – I’ve got a long way to go. The idea was to arrange the individual shells in a shell shape in the sand but it didn’t work as well as I’d hoped. I need lessons in arrangement.

Today found me at the dentist explaining that the 32 year old gold crown on one of my molars had cracked some time ago and I was advised that the tooth would not last long enough to be worth re-crowning. The tooth has become very painful and sensitive over the past few weeks and having made the appointment I was prepared for an extraction. After expressing his surprise at the existence of such an aged crown the offending tooth was x-rayed. Peter, dentist, said he didn’t want to remove the tooth and that he’d like to attempt a last ditch attempt to save it. The crack which had become a rough edged hole has been filled and the crown has been filed down as the bite on it was wrong. And now we suck it and see. How long will it last? … who knows, but the Crowned Tooth has a reprieve.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Gimme the drugs …

Unfortunately I missed the emergency dental service by five minutes on Saturday. However, as I had hoped, K still had heavy duty pain killers left from her back problems. And yes, I know that one shouldn’t take drugs that haven’t been prescribed, just call me Dan, I was that Desperate, and got a bit of sleep overnight as a result.

Sunday morning dead on the dot of the 10 o’clock opening time I rang the triage dental nurse and then K drove me to the clinic. I’d taken more meds at nine and was feeling comfortably numb on arrival. Lignocaine was administered by dentist (she really needs to acquire some people skills, it might have been nice if she’d introduced herself for a start) and after that kicked in she proceeded to drill the tooth to allow the abcess to drain. Due to all the swelling the lignocaine didn’t numb the nerve and even after topical lignocaine was put in the hole she wasn’t able to drill as far as was needed. I was doing an awful lot of twitching and trying my hardest to pull the armrests off the chair! She put antibiotics and a temporary dressing in the hole and with a prescription for antibiotics and advice to see my own dentist ringing in my ears (or was it tinnitus?) I left. Thanks to the local anaesthetic and lack of drilling I spent the next very few hours totally pain free.

Saw my own much more empathetic dentist this morning. As I had the day before I made sure I had sufficient pain relieving meds floating around in my bloodstream. After some light probing and an X-ray we made the decision that the offending tooth has to come out. I shall continue with the antibiotics (and pain meds!) and hopefully the swelling will be sufficiently reduced that the local anaesthetic will be effective and she’s going to yank upper right 6 out on Thursday …

(Very grateful am I that I didn’t have to go through all this in French!!)

🙂 😦 🙂