Festive Fotos …

as promised.

Unfortunately my creative juices, tho’ flowing again, are not yet up to par. I am pleased that I’ve actually had the camera out of the drawer for the first time in a couple of months, not so pleased with the results which seem a little lacklustre to me.

[One of the problems with my PTSD is that it hits me very unexpectedly. I’ve been well for such a long time that it surprised the hell out of me and this time, believe it or not, it was my GP who triggered it! At my meet and greet appointment she demanded  “Why do you take anti-depressants?” on hearing I have PTSD she then demanded to know the details of why I “presumed ” I have it. I very rarely discuss it and if I do it’s because I have made the choice; I’m in control of how much and what I say and the person to whom I am talking is familiar and trusted. I felt bullied. Suffice to say that following that appointment I started to have nightmares (this time about going to the surgery!), my startle reflex went into overdrive, my anxiety levels rocketed and my mood slumped. I have no intention of consulting that particular GP again.]

Hopefully the photography will improve soon, for the moment I’m just happy that the shutter is beckoning once more.

Langport Christmas Market 30/11/2018

Chez Crosby/Mepstead 1/121/2018

🙂 🙂 🙂

Niggling worries and second childhood

The temperature is dropping and I’m concerned about the boiler. The boiler manual (first time out for this manual) says to drain it for the winter, but I don’t want to be draining then refilling then draining again, as I intend using R0X1 school half terms and hols and maybe the odd weekend. (Just booked sites for the Feb and May half terms, Worcester and the New Forest respectively). Currently I have the boiler running on it’s lowest setting, hopefully that will be enough to keep everything frost free. Should I take her for a spin every couple of weeks to keep the brakes from seizing? I wasn’t supposed to have to worry about stuff like this … keep a space for me in Portugal next winter fellow M’homers!

Worries aside, I took the Smart One out for a spag bol at our favourite Italian on Friday evening, then we went walkabout to see the Xmas tree exhibition and the Christmas market in Twyford. Market less than exciting, all tombolas and tat, apart from our neighbour, known to us as Upstairs Jonathan (to distinguish him from son Jonathan and grandson Jonathan) who was putting on a very untatty juggling/balancing performance, but the trees each decorated by local organisations from the nursery schools to the W.I. were lovely. All massed in the church they made Magic and Sparkle (to coin a well known store’s Christmas ad slogan)

Then this afternoon the Smart One took his Grandmama – well I drove as his feet don’t reach the pedals yet but he told me how as usual – to see Paddington (the movie). I was OK about going, wasn’t expecting much, but what a treat! Hugely funny, mine were not the only very unladylike guffaws, beg pardon. Nicole Kidman hammed it up beautifully as the bad guy. It’s a shame K has a really nasty cold and sore throat and couldn’t come – the Smart One and I will be gutted to have to accompany her when she goes to see it (she really shouldn’t be allowed out on her own). We saw the trailers for the new Aardman – Shaun the Sheep, The Movie, definitely a must see, and for A Night at the Museum 3.

There’s a lot to be said for this second childhood stuff …

🙂 🙂 🙂