Mañana v. Money

I’ve been a bit concerned about the cracked glass in the passenger side wing mirror. That is the glass cover for the indicator light, not the mirror itself. There is a tiny bit of glass missing and I don’t want it to fail the MOT on that – anything else R0X1 might fail on is beyond my control/knowledge. So, after much humming and hahing, I decided to bite the bullet, blow the expense, have the darned thing replaced and quit worrying. Remembering how quickly I was able to have the driver’s side replaced in France (it helps that R0X1 is “normal” over here, being left hand drive, and the replacement doesn’t have to be specially ordered) I decided it would be quicker to have it done here. Off I toddled to Caravanas Lorca, the place that sorted out a connector for my hose to attach to the waste pipe 2 years ago, a good job done and very accommodating and friendly.

Mirror replacement; Round 1.

I remembered the way and arrived at about 11am. With only one person serving and dealing with a complicated problem, or then it might not have been complicated but it certainly took a great deal of time, I waited patiently for 1/2 an hour for my turn. Señor came and looked at the offending mirror and got on the phone to order a replacement. This took quite some time as when he eventually got through there seemed to be a very long conversation for just a simple order to be placed. However, after the call finished he informed me that if I returned at 7pm the new mirror would be fitted and I gave him the money required.

Mirror replacement; Round 2.

I duly arrived at 7pm and was pleased to see the mirror had arrived first. The mechanic proceeded to remove the old mirror – except it didn’t happen as it should have. I ended up holding the old unit up whilst he fiddled around trying to detach it, to no avail. He requested (we had discovered we could communicate fairly satisfactorily in a mixture of Frenspanglais) to take R0X for five minutes to the electrician at Fiat for some help. It was 8pm when he got back so nothing further could be done that evening. The existing mirror apparently had a sensor underneath and the replacement was obviously wrong as it didn’t, and anyway the electrical connector that should have been on the existing mirror was nowhere to be found. Could I please return at 11am the next morning and we would proceed to the Fiat dealer for him to check the part against R0X1’s engine number.

Mirror replacement; Round 3.

Once again I returned at the requested time and waited happily re-reading Fuelling the Fire prior to my e-buddy author Roland Ladley publishing the new volume in his thriller series tomorrow. Señor arrived at 11.55! Off we went to the Fiat dealership and the engine number was typed into the computer and the computer’s opinion was that the part I had already purchased was the correct part, the mirror currently attached to R0X1 was definitely incorrect, explaining three separate problems; the connector issue, the sensor (whose purpose remains unknown) and my inability to adjust the existing mirror to a satisfactory position for rear-viewing since it’s attachment 18 months ago. At this point Señor explained (in Frenspanglais) that he would leave me in Fiat’s capable hands for the correct mirror to be attached to R0X1. With much help from Google translate, as the reception guy spoke as much English and French as I speak Spanish, the work sheet was duly filled out (tho’ why my passport number was needed I have no idea). It was now well gone 1pm and siesta time was almost upon us. I sat in the waiting area unsure if I would be locked in until 5pm. Mr Ladley’s words to the rescue again – until just before 2pm (phew that was close) when I was able to drive R0X and her perfectly adjusted, brand spanking, new wing mirror away.

Now my regular reader might think that all that unhurried Spanish approach has made me a tad irritable. Au contraire. I am highly delighted; successful conclusion, time well spent reading and a bill €155 euros below what I paid a few weeks ago in France. Result!

Last night’s almost full moon.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Hey Fellas …

… I got a great idea. (Michael Caine, The Italian Job)

We came off the Haut Jura down some very steep and squiggly roads losing altitude a lot faster than we gained it going up, and it has seemed a little surreal that for the past couple of days we have been parked literally on the edge of the beautiful, and large, Lac du Bourget surrounded by the mountains we descended from.


On a couple of occasions I caught a glimpse of the very young R. Rhône also making its way off the heights and this gave me an idea, I looked on the map and it can be done. From here I’m headed for Valence and then will make my way down the Rhône valley all the way to it’s estuary and the Carmargue. I made the mistake of telling BB my plan in a phone call – he says I’ll be drinking my way down the Rhône valley. That’s the problem with big brothers, they know you too well!

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A bit of a sunset

Last night’s sunset was a bit special – the colours were so intense that my little white dog, who had to forego much of her walk whilst I shutter clicked for ages, turned pink! A rather larger gallery than usual, for which I offer no apologies …

Sunset crop

Burnished barley



Sunset squaredSunset squared

June sunsetJune sunset

Sunset reflected

Sunset reflected



Fiery skyFiery sky

 … an awesome spectacle

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Weathering the storm

I hardly dare mention it but the house is under offer again. I can only say that these potential purchasers appear very serious. They have offered the full asking price for a quick completion and asked that I take it off the market. I refuse to get even remotely excited until I have the electronic pennies in my hot sticky account.

An interesting few days are ahead. The Smart One and I will be keeping close company whilst K is in hospital having her three ruptured discs sorted. I plan on walking his, not so little these days, socks off partially to distract him and also because I need to lose the extra pounds put on since Lilah went. (I promised myself I would keep up the walks but at first found it too upsetting to go without her and now – well let’s be kind and call it inertia.) To keep things as normal as possible for the Smart One I’m moving in to K’s today; admission this evening, op tomorrow. How soon I return home will depend on how well she mobilises. I will however be doing the school run for several weeks.  N.B. I shall not be driving a 4×4 nor shall I be looking Yummy!

What is being called the St Jude’s day storm passed us by here overnight Sunday with scarcely a gust; OK, it was perhaps a tad breezy. I got to work in under usual time despite negotiating 3 fallen trees and a couple of very deep puddles. It’s half term and the Yummy Mummys in their 4x4s were having a bit of a lie-in. Bless.

Various cloudage –