Solstice and a damp squib

Solstice celebrations with J & B, who came up from Torquay, were excellent. We gorged on roast lamb, pigs-in-blankets, stuffing, yorkshires, roast taters, loads of veg, and gravy and toasted the shortest day of the year. Summer’s coming! As a family we do this more years than not because unless Christmas Day is on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday J is working that night.

Just as well we enjoyed J & B’s stay really as Christmas got cancelled.


Solstice celebration.

I’ve had a Brute of a Cold I can’t get shot of for well over two weeks, some days are less symptomatic than others; Christmas Day was not one of them. Unfortunately last week K started The Cold and was also having a bad day. We made do with staying in our jammies, snacking on biscuits and cheeses, mince pies and cheesecake. We did open pressies. The un(so far)infected Smart One had the most pressies and was then happy to take himself and his loot back to his teenage cave; K and I dozed, watched Strictly and a few old Christmas comedies and went to bed early.


Langport reflecting the damp squib that was Christmas Day.

It could’ve been much worse and I’m having a less symptoms day today – so we’ll have Christmas today!

I have high hopes for the New Year celebrations which, for me and the Bezzies, will take place in Saltash.

Thank you for reading my blog and I do hope, dear Regular Reader that your Christmas was wonderful and that your 2019 will be happy and healthy.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Whistle stop tours presents …

The Bezzies and I have been in full on tourist mode;

We’ve been to Cadiz

and the beautiful white hilltop town of Vejer.

We’ve walked the clifftop path in  Parc Natural de los Alcomocales to the Torre del Taijo

and seen a fab sunset from Zahora beach.

Our quiet Christmas morning has been rather spoiled by a loud and violent thunderstorm and torrential rain but the sun is now breaking through just in time for us to walk to our Spanish lunch in the site restaurant, it’s already wine o’clock!

Have a wonderful festive season and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2018.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Bottoms up!

As a nurse my early career was full of sh1t, quite literally, and I’m afraid my sense of humour has remained in the toilet pretty much ever since. (Luckily my career didn’t!)

So when I saw this on sale in the aisles of the world’s biggest wine purchasers … (It’s a fact, it was on a BBC documentary – they ship wine in vast container sized plastic bags and bottle it here.) … I attracted one or two bemused looks by roaring with laughter and photographing it especially for this blog.



For people you would otherwise not buy for this Christmas!

😊 😊 😊

(Non) White Christmas

Christmas in Mojacar Playa, 4 nights in a 4* hotel, balcony with sea view … (Daisy in the van in the car park) …Mis Amigos are world champion hosts, their friends welcoming and convivial. I had far too much food and even more drink but happily my newly altered (smaller) skirts still do up. I shall continue to reduce the calorie count tho’ and the alcohol intake until I feel less bloated …

Disappointingly it wasn’t a white Christmas but Boxing day lunch in a superb beachside restaurant in warm sunshine made up for the lack of snow!! It’s a hard life but someone has to help keep the Spanish economy going …

Cabo de Gata, near Almeria, is the first stop on the way to Portugal. Hoping to get to Seville tomorrow, 5 hour drive – couple of nights there and then over the border. Approaching Almeria was quite amazing, coming along a valley about 10 miles long and a couple wide and apart from the motorway the valley floor was completely covered in plastic; literally, to the hills on either side, huge polytunnels hundreds of yards long and even huger polytents. Nothing like making the desert productive! Pleasant, clean and tidy site, polytents on one side and desert and lagoon on the other … and I have taken a half decent photo of a flamingo!!

🙂 🙂 🙂

Shirley Valentine moment

For years I have bitched, moaned, complained, whined, grumbled, muttered, groused and sworn about Christmas starting at the beginning of October. Decorations go up in the shops and “christmas” pop blasts at us from every speaker in every shop earlier each year. We are bombarded by adverts purporting to show the perfect (unattainable) day and exhorting us to buy, Buy, BUY. Small wonder that the day can be an anti-climax and that afterwards we may be left with a hollow feeling, or a little discontent that our Christmas didn’t match what we’ve been told we should have had and felt.
Welcome to Spain. The streets are decorated with Christmas lights, but there is a complete absence of canned “christmas” musak in the shops and the adverts seem understated. I had difficulty finding cards to buy – not a Clintons nor Hallmark to be seen. (And if Spanish TV is telling me what to want, I can neither see nor understand it!!)

Today held a joyous moment – there were loads of schoolchildren being herded to what I imagine was an inter-school carol service at the church where the storks nest on the roof. The teacher at the front of one crocodile of 6-7yr olds suddenly turned around and, walking backwards, conducted them in a singalong – now that’s Christmas …

In other news: the waiter at the campsite restaurant has declared, via the barman who speaks english, that he is a huge fan of english women – and I appear to be the current object of his admiration. I’m certain that there’s an ulterior motive, he has to be at least 20 years younger, but in the spirit of the season of goodwill, I will take it as a compliment, enjoy my Shirley Valentine moment – and run!

🙂 🙂 🙂