Festive Fotos …

as promised.

Unfortunately my creative juices, tho’ flowing again, are not yet up to par. I am pleased that I’ve actually had the camera out of the drawer for the first time in a couple of months, not so pleased with the results which seem a little lacklustre to me.

[One of the problems with my PTSD is that it hits me very unexpectedly. I’ve been well for such a long time that it surprised the hell out of me and this time, believe it or not, it was my GP who triggered it! At my meet and greet appointment she demanded  “Why do you take anti-depressants?” on hearing I have PTSD she then demanded to know the details of why I “presumed ” I have it. I very rarely discuss it and if I do it’s because I have made the choice; I’m in control of how much and what I say and the person to whom I am talking is familiar and trusted. I felt bullied. Suffice to say that following that appointment I started to have nightmares (this time about going to the surgery!), my startle reflex went into overdrive, my anxiety levels rocketed and my mood slumped. I have no intention of consulting that particular GP again.]

Hopefully the photography will improve soon, for the moment I’m just happy that the shutter is beckoning once more.

Langport Christmas Market 30/11/2018

Chez Crosby/Mepstead 1/121/2018

🙂 🙂 🙂

Total recall.

I’ve just been on another Midlands Meander with BB. This winter he’s parked in Kings Bromley marina – he does like to ensure I’m getting the complete Midlands experience. We went over to Chester a lovely old town I’d not seen enough of having been only once before.

On the way he took me in to Snugbury’s, an ice cream shop he’s always banging on about. Between you and I, dear reader, my two flavour (raspberry pavlova and chocolate brownie) cone was somewhat extra-special though it will take me a few more visits to confirm he’s right to call it the best ice cream ever, and I’ll never ever admit it to him!


The staff at Snugburys make a new straw sculpture every year. This year a 38ft tall Peter Rabbit dominates the skyline in honour of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Beatrix Potter.

The following day we honoured Lichfield’s christmas market with our presence. We sampled (and bought) our way boozily between the gin, wine and mulled wine stalls, pausing only long enough to purchase strong cheeses and finished off at a stall selling a lush paella (had to soak up all those samples). That evening we ate a rather scrummy meal at a Mediterranean restaurant in Lichfield; me, Andalucian pork. BB, Boeuf Bourguignon.


Interspersed between the gallivanting we managed to drink a couple of bottles of  French estate wine I’d brought back and a couple of cakes BB baked as he knew I was coming.

My visit was cut short when I was subjected to total recall and summoned back to Berkshire  (probably as well for the sake of both our waistlines). K’s back seized as she bent over her desk and picked up six of her classes exercise books – roll on next month, the MRI and decision day about the upcoming op. Hopefully her op will be as successful as R0X1’s cosmetic surgery – she is now a no gaffer tape zone!

🙂 🙂 🙂

Splendid Sevilla

A long and leisurely drive to Sevilla during which I had to find the windscreen wiper switch and use it for the first time since France three months ago (that is they were on intermittent slow for about seven or eight minutes). At our lunch stop I met a lovely Irish couple, we got talking because they too have a Bichon, well mine’s only demi-Bichon but nobody got picky, least of all the dogs. Yvonne wants to get a motorhome and is gradually trying to wear Sean down, so they had a quick look inside R0X1 and declared themselves impressed, well they couldn’t be rude … Good luck Yvonne!

We arrived at the Aire a twenty minute walk from Sevilla city centre. It’s actually a lovely walk if you ignore the first 800 metres or so, which is basically industrial wasteland. After crossing over the river bridge, which Daisy did not  enjoy as it’s a draw bridge and bounces up and down slightly as the traffic goes over – totally spooked her – it was the 3 inch expansion gap that spooked me. The next bit is beside the river and then through the gorgeous Marie Luisa park where amongst the various “garden rooms” we found the Plaza d’Espagna. Luckily it was late afternoon and the low sun was shining on the wonderful building and plaza. Continuing on we found a lovely little Christmas market still in full swing as the Spanish celebrate and give their gifts on the 6th January, the festival of the Three Kings. Herself coped very well with the after work crowds and certainly enjoyed the wanderings (and the bird chasing) in the park.

Plaza d’Espana

The next morning with Daisy left to “guard” R0X1, Sevilla continued to delight. First, without queuing, I called in on the Terracotta Army exhibition, then did have to queue for quite a while to get into the Real Alcazar, Sevilla’s royal palace which dates back a few years or so. I don’t often join long queues but this one was worth it – Sevilla’s answer to the Alhambra!


I noticed on many of the old Moorish buildings in Sevilla a lot of ornamental architecture which must have influenced Gaudi – getting quite cultured in my old age – and where his love of brightly coloured mosaics must’ve come from, all the richly coloured tiles.

🙂 🙂 🙂