Christmas III – The Exhaustion of the Dog.

Christmas I was, as per tradition, on the 25th Dec. With The Smart One away at his paternal grandparents K and I planned a nice juicy steak meal with lots of red wine (me only). We increased the number of steaks to 3 when one of K’s single parent friends revealed they too would be sans child and accepted our invitation to eat. A lovely grown up meal, relaxed DVD watching and plenty of red (still me only – friend had to drive).

Christmas II was on 27th Dec. The Smart One was home again and we had roast leg of lamb, pigs-in-blankets (see J’s visit) etc. with lots of red wine (me only). We had rather a lot of lamb left as J was unable to come due to a tooth abcess – he said he could have come but wouldn’t have been able to eat Mummy’s roast dinner (his favourite meal) and that would have added insult to injury and he wasn’t driving over 100 miles just to watch us eat roast dinner. We had lamb and bubble and squeak, a couple of very nice lamb tikka masalas, cold lamb and numerous other festive foods to keep us going until we finally got round to Christmas III.

Christmas III was on 11th Jan. I was delighted to have all my descendants with me under one roof, J&B (J’s girlfriend) having arrived on the 9th. After celebrating his birthday (belatedly) on the 9th with a rather nice chocolate cake, even tho’ I say it myself having cooked it. On Sunday we got round to the roast fowl, stuffing, bread sauce, pigs-in-blankets (J insists a roast dinner is not a roast dinner unless it contains pigs-in-blankets no matter the type of meat) roast parsnips and potatoes, various veg, lashings of gravy and oodles of the red stuff (still me only).

Along with J&B came Millie the granddog, blue Staffie, she and Daisy met briefly during my Devon visit but this time was the real getting to know you. After initial reluctance from Millie (she takes a while to make friends, especially with small dogs) they did make great pals and didn’t stop play fighting and chasing all weekend. What with that and the walks Daisy is still recovering …

So true to our Viking forebears (we have a family history of Dupuytren’s contracture, and the name Mep sounds neither Celtic nor Norman) we feasted well and long. Don’t think I could keep it up all winter tho’ … the Viking blood must be a tad thin in me!

🙂 🙂 🙂