Holiday over

… well I thought about it when I drove past a Haagen-Daaz factory first thing this morning, nearly parked up for the duration!!

I visited a British WW2 cemetery in the Netherlands during a visit with family friends way back when, and although it moved me, I was only 13 at the time and didn’t take on board the full significance. This visit, being the old person I am, seeing the sheer number of WW1 cemeteries within just a few square miles for various nationalities, most containing tens of thousands of graves of very young men, I find myself moved beyond words. Unexpectedly, on the Memorial wall to all the soldiers, whatever their nationality, killed in the Arras/Vimy area at Notre Dame de Lorette Cimitière National, Souchez I found the name S.J. Mepstead. There are so few of us, especially with the ‘ead’ ending, he is certainly a relative, perhaps even as close as my father’s uncle, my grandfather, too old for active service himself, had several younger brothers.

After lunch we had a good mooch round Arras and I was, but probably shouldn’t have been, surprised at the huge Flemish architectural influence.

🙂 🙂 🙂