Alternative transport

How to get around during planned stopovers?

I don’t want to be unplugging the Van each time I want to explore, which will be frequently given my curiosity and itchy shutter finger. Public transport is an option when available, a car is not as it means a huge van with garage and enormous road tax and insurance bills; not on my pension 😦  Shanks’s will be a frequently used option; have boots will hike. The final option, which has got me all excited, is a power assisted bicycle. I’ve found one called a Black’nroll which is light enough to go on the Van’s bike rack and has the incredible top engine speed of 27mph; it’s not as if I’ll be in a hurry. It’s perfect, as although I enjoy cycling, I don’t do hills – cue engine!

It’s easily parked. It’s cheap to run. It’s slightly crazy. It’s on my ever increasing shopping list! I shall have a red one and call it Gordon after my Dad.

Bicycle, unsurprisingly, from the Amsterdam archives;