Pillow talk – health and safety


Yes love …

My belly doesn’t feel good, and I’ve been sick on two mornings now …

(Thinks; Did the “little operation” not work? Do I need a pregnancy test kit?)

… and I’m having problems doing number twos.

Do you need to go to the vet?

NO!  You just took me,  you didn’t even give me a choice, and he stuck a needle in my neck.

That was your vaccination booster. And I’m beginning to wonder if it’s worth investing in your future health Greedyguts, as you’ve only got yourself to blame for your current discomfort.


You’ve got the same problem a doggie family member from a long time ago once had. She also stole some brazil-nut chocolates of mine. Rosie was a retriever and a lot bigger than you so they just went straight through and came out the other end minus the chocolate. And just like you she added insult to injury because I had to clear up the undigested nuts after her. Unfortunately for you being smaller, it’s taking longer for them to go through you and so your insides are suffering a little more.

How much longer will I feel poorly?

Not sure, but the one brazil nut you brought up this morning means there’s one less to go! I’ve checked online and you’re one lucky puppy that I only like chocolate brazils, as apart from almonds, they are the only nuts that are non-toxic to pups. And too much chocolate can kill puppies.

%*!@£^ … 

I wish I could believe you won’t steal again but for a pup who’s only 25% labrador you certainly exhibit the full percentage of the greediness trait. I s’pose I should be grateful you didn’t eat the cellophane wrapper too!

I need a snuggle ….

Come on then poorly girl. No lickies mind…
Version 2




Pillow complaints

Hey Mum.

Yes Daize.

What is it with these French vets, that other one wasn’t nice last year? I mean the Spanish one hurt my ear but at least he made it better. There was nothing wrong with my throat or my bottom last year and today that injection hurt.

It’s not the French vets’ fault. You have to blame the government.

You blame the government for most things …

But government regulations state that your passport has to be completed to say you’re healthy, so you have your temperature taken and a quick examination, and that you don’t have echinococcus worms, so you’re given a tablet or an injection. The French vets have to do those things and then they can stamp your passport and we can go home.

Rather stay here than go through that. (mumble)

But then you wouldn’t be able to snuggle with K, the Smart One, or J and B.

But it’s really nice here, there’s loads of rabbits to chase – oops, sorry about yanking your arm earlier …

Apology accepted. But you wouldn’t be able to play with Milly either. Or Sam and Sally.

OK. When are we going?

Three more sleeps.

Oh good. Snuggle?



Certainly not.


🙂 🙂 🙂

High on a hill …

A couple of “urgencias” were experienced at Tarifa … I really felt for Simon, I’ve been there and done that (3 times) and know well the awful sinking feeling when you realise you’ve locked your keys inside the vehicle. R&S spent the night in R0X1 with me. The lovely Gonzalo (owner of the hire company) had the van master key driven over the following day.  It had the benefit of making me finally sort out a safe outside-the-vehicle place to put my spare key.

After the key had been delivered R & I left S to collect himself and went for a walk on the beach with the gannet that poses as my dog. We had just got as far along the beach as we could at high tide and seated ourselves on rocks to appreciate the spectacular panoramic view when I noticed that the gannet masquerading as my dog was mouthing a lot. On investigation I discovered she had nylon fishing line wrapped round her tongue and I couldn’t budge it – concerned that she could a) cut off blood supply to her tongue b) suffocate if tongue became swollen enough to block airway c) have fish hook stuck anywhere in her alimentary tract, I high-tailed it back to the campsite to find the number for a vet. Vet did not answer and there was no emergency number to call. The gannet dissimulating as my dog had by this time ingested all visible remains of nylon fishing line; it was no longer wrapped round her tongue nor was she in any obvious distress so I decided to wait it out – there are still no signs of distress nor any appearance of the nylon fishing line from unmentionable orifices. Watch this hole, I mean space …

Leaving Tarifa this morning we stopped in Algeciras briefly to do a bit of a food shop and I needed diesel (90 cents a litre) and then proceeded along the N405 to Ronda (yes AGAIN). First time along this route and what a road; it had all the bends and ups and downs you could want but was open enough that the panoramic views came almost too fast and too often to be appreciated, except that all three of us did. Having stopped at a particularly mind-blowing spot for lunch – well actually Daize and I did but then the Bezzies found us and invited themselves – we then leapfrogged along from one “mirador” (viewpoint) to the next. All the Andalusian white housed, high altitude villages sparkled in the warm sunlight, almond blossom abounded and mountains surrounded – thank heavens there were no lonely goatherds yodelling, that would’ve been one cliché just too far. In case I thought I imagined it, the Bezzies laughed as they confirmed what I know – I drive these mountain roads with a huge grin on my face. Well – it’s such FUN!

So we are safely at El Sur (third visit for me) Carmen professed her delight that Daize and I are back and was pleased to meet R&S. She informed us that she’s expecting a party of 20 Dutch motorhomes tomorrow. We’re hoping it’s not the same claim jumping crew, but just in case we’ve spent the evening digging our defences against invasion (well Daize dug her usual holes whilst her humans drank a tiny bit of wine)!

Looking forward to sharing one of my favourite places with the Bezzies over the next couple of days even tho’ I may regret having exchanged my winter duvet for the summer weight one before we came inland and up! It’s a bit Brrr here at night.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Fifty percent disaster

Rosemary and John have driven me mad-ly to all sorts of places! I’ve met some of their ex-pat. friends for lunch and dinner at Spanish restaurants, a very friendly bunch I shall be seeing again at Christmas.

We found a caravan shop where I was able to get a connector for the grey water hose, another warning triangle (it’s obligatory to have 2 in Spain), a ground cover for under the awning and a stack of assorted rock pegs all at ridiculously low prices. The same place also has a replacement kitchen window on order for me.

There are several “brotherhoods” locally who take part in the great Easter festival. Each Icon is on a platform shouldered by 50-60 people all in costume. There are mounted sections of the procession, which takes about 4-5 hours to pass by, who perform representations of historic battles, again all participants including the horses richly costumed. The costumes all have either religious or historic scenes hand embroidered, and I was totally gob smacked by the amount of detail satin stitch can give, facial expressions are amazingly well portrayed. The White Brotherhood costumes spend the rest of the year on display in their museum, and videos of the spectacular parade show on a loop. When Rosemary and I visited I didn’t take the camera but discovered that I could have photographed there so a return visit may well happen in December.

We’ve been to coastal towns and over mountains, to village markets and large malls. Today was a search for a bike. I decided on a folding bike that can be stored in the garage rather than a full sized bike that I’d have to lift up onto a bike rack. Found a good one in a shop in Lorca, the pannier takes 20kgs and will easily accommodate Daisy in a basket so we shall soon be extending our out-of-van wanderings. Once again price was a lot lower than in England.

Also low in price were our 2 Spanish hair cuts. As Daize can’t read yet it’s safe for me to write that I’m extremely glad that hers was the disaster. Mine was really good, even tho’ it was half the price of hers, think I might be taking her to a hairdresser rather than a groomer in future …

I’m off travelling again for a few weeks but will return here mid-Dec for the window fitting and Christmas.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Pillow talk; The Complaint


Yes Daisy

I didn’t like you singing

There’s nothing wrong with my singing Daisy Mepstead

I mean I didn’t like the song

But it was a special song. For you …

You sang it so many times tho’, and it’s not a particularly good tune, and the words are all the same, and I got very very bored with it

Oh dear



Yes Daisy

Thank you for my new collar. It’s lovely and red, a grown up collar not a puppy one.

You’re very welcome Daisy … 🎶Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Daisy, Happy birthday to you.🎶


Want a snuggle?

Yes please … and I won’t lick if you don’t sing.

🙂 🙂 🙂

The great food debate

My head is hurting, I’ve had to Think, haven’t done that since last years retirement!

I’ve been wondering what to do about Daisy’s food on our extended trip which starts in September. Currently she is on Wainwrights which, as its exclusive to Pets at Home I won’t be able to buy abroad, and taking it all with me will take up too much room and rear axle weight. I put a question on a dog feeding forum and was informed  about air dried foods mainly Ziwipeak. It’s one of the no grain, high protein foods and would be good for Daise, space saving and less weight on the rear axle. Unfortunately, having done all the sums – amount per day x time away = amount needed, amount needed x price = total price, total price ÷ time away = monthly spend – it would be a huge weight on my purse at over  £56 a month. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the little bugger (most of the time) but she would literally be eating her way through my wine allowance and half the contents of my weekly shop.

In order to do the above sums I’d called in to a local stockist to find out daily amount, price, bags sizes etc. and the very helpful assistant introduced me to Canagan as a cheaper alternative. This is a Brit made food on the same lines as Ziwipeak (NZ), no grains, high protein, no additives etc. but is still a kibble, so initially I rejected it on space/weight on the rear axle grounds. I told the lass I’d do the necessary calculations for Ziwipeak and return to order it.

So this morning after having done the calculations for Ziwipeak, I did them again for Canagan (you can see why my brain hurts). Canagan being a high protein food, daily grammidge is significantly less than for Wainwrights. As I only need 3 x 12 kg bags it’s good for the space/weight on the rear axle but more importantly, as well as being good for Daise it works out at £22.50 per month.

Problem solved – at least I think so; I need the Smart One to check my maths …

The haircut🙂 🙂 🙂

Pillow Talk – the Director’s cut



No licking.

But it’s so nice to be able to snuggle into your neck again …


OK – okay. But can I keep snuggling cos I missed proper snuggling while I had That Cone thingie on?

I missed your snuggles too …

I didn’t like The Cone, it kept bumping in to things,

Like the backs of my legs

and I couldn’t use the cat flap, and I got sprayed in the face when it picked up dirt, and I couldn’t scratch …

That was the idea! You were making your already poorly ears even more sore you were scratching so much.

Preferred our usual vet to the French one, 

Not as suave

even tho’ he did give me an injection, put stuff in my ears and stick a thermometer up my bottom.

And very brave you were too, only one tiny squeak.

Was I, was I really brave?

You really were, Daise. Well actually you were feeling too poorly to protest. Two things to remember tho’.

What’s that, Mummy?

No ear scratching and no licking …


🙂 🙂 🙂