More pillow talk

Mummy, what’s a wuss?

Someone who’s a scaredy cat Daise.


Figure of speech. It’s someone who makes a huge fuss about things.

But that man hurt me with that injection today.

I’m sure, but did you have to cry and shiver about it for ten minutes afterwards? And then you did the same thing again when he just put liquid on the back of your neck. That’s complete and utter wussieness.

I ‘m not deaf you know; I heard you tell him you’d come across some real wusses in your time and that I beat them all. But I don’t understand why you let him do it to me.

So you could have your pet passport and we can go to all sorts of exciting places soon.

You don’t like it when I get too excited.

Interesting places then, and where it doesn’t get so wet and cold (hopefully).



Daisy, do you know what bella means?

No, but you’re always saying it. [sulkily] 

Bella means beautiful. Good night Daisybella.


Mummy, can I snuggle?

Of course Daisy …. but no licking.

😉 😉 😉