I should know by now that if I make complicated plans too far in the future the chance they will fall apart is exponentially increased the closer to their execution I get, usually at my own deciding, but this time it was totally out of my hands …


Spout for plans to travel up!

K has had her MRI and follow up appointment. As we strongly suspected from her symptoms both of the culprit discs have slipped out again and are bulging even more than last time. Over the past six weeks the spasms and pain have increased to a severe level and other never before experienced symptoms have raised their nasty heads above the parapets. Peering at the MRI with the Doc he said, “It isn’t good”; Me “It’s crap”,  Doc “I agree, it’s crap”; Nurse, who has obviously never heard of neurolinguistic programming, to Doc “You can’t say that!”; Doc “Why not? It’s true”

The upshot is that she will have spinal fusion within 8 weeks. Unfortunately, but understandably, the off work (with severe movement restrictions for the first 6 weeks) no driving time is doubled from the decompression op she had last time, to 12 weeks in total. I won’t be able to make Barcelona with BB in April. I shall remain out of retirement and continue doing the nursie stuff until mid-June.

😩 😩 😩

However, BB and I now have plans to postpone Barcelona ’til October. This will fit in neatly with the newly arranged plan to spend this years Yule in Motril with the Bezzies! Central Spain can be fitted in neatly before the weather turns too. Likewise the visit to R&J … and perhaps a return to Portugal Jan/Feb time. Plan under consideration for June/July is France, well until the French start their hols that is …


🤗 🤗 🤗

It’s all about the light.

The sublime … Sagrada Familia.

I just don’t have the words to do this incredible basilica justice, nor do I have the photographic skills, but here anyway, are a baker’s dozen from yesterday’s visit.


Gaudí’s masterpiece and final resting place.

Despite the ongoing construction and the tourist herds, it is a place of great peace and serenity. Due to be completed in 2026 – I hope to visit again then.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Return of the bus …

Blogs appear to have a lot in common with buses – you don’t write one for ages and then you write two at the same (well almost) time.

And remaining on the subject of buses I took the L94 into Barcelona as planned (sometimes you do as you planned, sometimes you don’t). I shall know next time to book a ticket in advance for Sag. Fam. The queue was nowhere near as bad but the next ticket available would’ve meant leaving the Fluffy One for too long, but one day I shall get those internal photos. In the meantime I could see where progress has been made since I last saw it. It was lovely to visit the city again, I feel the same about Barca as I do about Amsterdam – you can never visit too often! I shan’t return to this campsite tho’, it’s so close to the airport you can read the ID on the sides of the planes as they take off and land!

Sorry I’ve digressed from buses … I found the stop and boarded the L94 for the journey back (€4.30 return for a 40 minute each way trip- now that’s value). Halfway back the bus had to stop and radio in for an ambulance for a passenger who’d been taken ill – just when you thought it was safe to expect an uneventful bus journey …

One of the planes and Barcelona Market Hall

🙂 🙂 🙂

Self (un)restraint.

I was most disappointed during our afternoon walk around town yesterday, after a cuppa and summer berries gateaux in which I was definitely not disappointed, to discover that there had been a concert in the town on the evening of my birthday and some pianist of note had been playing, amongst other things, Rachmaninov. I didn’t read the notice too closely in case it was Rach 2, in which case I would have had a hissy fit of disappointment. As a consolation prize I got some good shots of the sea which was somewhat choppy after the overnight storms, but I was still p’d off enough to leave this morning … (well actually I left according to plan, but saying that doesn’t have quite the same effect!)

Managed to do a bit of squiggling on the drive south, it wasn’t terribly exciting, the tunnels and traffic in  Barcelona, a previously unplanned destination, were hairier. The weather remained a tad inclement, and there was zero chance of any decent views, let alone of the monastery at Montserrat so I decided to divert slightly to a campsite just south of Barca for a couple of days until the weather clears enough to go to the monastery. Whilst here the bus journey into the city centre being both cheap and quick, I’m hoping to get into the Sagrida Familia. R and I decided when we were here a couple of years ago that the length of the queue to go inside (at least twice round it) meant we would miss our flight home the next day so we didn’t bother joining! That was a weekend and I’m hoping that midweek queues are not as long or poor Daisy might get a bit hungry.

Talking of hunger, I shopped at Aldi as I was leaving d’Aro, and rather unfortunately came across some tins of all butter Danish biscuits. I might have managed to leave them shelf bound but the tin had a pattern on it that fits right in with my decor, and I am short of storage tins … won’t be for long, inroads have been made into the contents. But I was very good, I only bought one tin. (But then there are loads of Aldi’s around!!)

🙂 🙂 🙂

Always talk to a Woman

if you want information/arrangements made.

Despairing from lack of information about R0X1’s ETA, and being unable to make any arrangements to sort out P’s bungalow, visit friends etc., I phoned the showroom this morning  – and my call was answered by Woman.

In under 5 minutes we had complete understanding of what needs to be done by both sides and it turns out that as long as I get the radio to them for fitting, I’m not needed til handover day. So I shall deliver the radio tomorrow and go through the to do list with (unfortunately) a man. I’ve just made arrangements with BB to go to Huntingdon next weekend for several days or a week to do the necessary sorting/emptying. P being somewhat of a hoarder (typical English understatement) this may take some time.

Wonderful Woman then phoned back to say she had organised the sales manager (male) to phone Adria who report that R0X1 is docking in UK tonight – so we’ve agreed a provisional handover date of the 17th June. This could move forward by as much as a week if the DVLA unexpectedly have a bout of efficiency and return the registration docs promptly.


I got us to Barcelona ...

A fine example of an arrangement making Woman!


an incredibly expensive beer


OK – maybe not quite so capable after this …


Credit; Photographer R (with my camera)  Similar situational photos of her are available on request!

Location; Top, Catalunya Square, Barcelona.  Bottom, Las Ramblas, Barcelona.

WARNING; Friends, you may be visited soon. Have railcard, will travel!!

Comfort food

So much for signs and portents.It’s been a septimana horribilis to paraphrase HMQ, starting Sunday with the discovery that Lilah cannot be my travelling companion. I found her a good and loving new home and she left for her new life on Thursday. Saturday I heard that the house sale has fallen through, I wasn’t surprised as it’s been taking far too long and I had suspicions that the buyer was just stringing me along.

So for some comfort, rather than eat, I started looking through the photo library. These images are from a great, long weekend last October in the wonderful and sometimes weird and whacky city that is Barcelona. R and I were celebrating 45 years of friendship since we met on our first day of nurse training – it’s a friendship I treasure deep inside. It soothes me to think about it today.