A, B or S?

On Monday I dragged myself away from Pinar and my amazing social life. I was out nearly every afternoon and/or night for wine or gin o’clock most of my stay there, and that hasn’t happened in a couple of decades.

Drunken Pinar People

So what could follow that? Well Seville could. I now find myself tossing up which city I prefer Barcelona or Seville … and then there’s Amsterdam …

Unfortunately I saw an unpleasant incident yesterday. I was waiting for several horses and traps with tourists aboard to trot past before crossing a narrow street. Suddenly there was a bit of a commotion and I looked over to see another horse and trap with only the driver on board approaching at what seemed like breakneck speed – probably only a canter rather than a full on gallop – the driver whipping his horse like blazes. Overtaking the other traps to the startled looks of their drivers, passengers and onlookers, he entered a slight bend, the poor horse slipped on the cobbles and fell to it’s side. The driver just hauled at the reins and whipped the horse again until it got up, and with that he was gone. Everyone around me looked as shocked and upset as I felt.

Apart from that Seville has delighted me once more. LWD has suffered several forced marches around parks, along riverside walks and city streets. It’s a hard life for her!



and Modern

Tomorrow’s route takes us into Portugal. The weather is settled fair tho’ it’s cold at night and the mornings are chilly.


Maria Luisa Park

🙂 🙂 🙂

P.S. I think it’s Barcelona by a whisker (simply because of Gaudi) with Seville and Amsterdam in joint second.

It’s all about the light.

The sublime … Sagrada Familia.

I just don’t have the words to do this incredible basilica justice, nor do I have the photographic skills, but here anyway, are a baker’s dozen from yesterday’s visit.


Gaudí’s masterpiece and final resting place.

Despite the ongoing construction and the tourist herds, it is a place of great peace and serenity. Due to be completed in 2026 – I hope to visit again then.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Holiday over

… well I thought about it when I drove past a Haagen-Daaz factory first thing this morning, nearly parked up for the duration!!

I visited a British WW2 cemetery in the Netherlands during a visit with family friends way back when, and although it moved me, I was only 13 at the time and didn’t take on board the full significance. This visit, being the old person I am, seeing the sheer number of WW1 cemeteries within just a few square miles for various nationalities, most containing tens of thousands of graves of very young men, I find myself moved beyond words. Unexpectedly, on the Memorial wall to all the soldiers, whatever their nationality, killed in the Arras/Vimy area at Notre Dame de Lorette Cimitière National, Souchez I found the name S.J. Mepstead. There are so few of us, especially with the ‘ead’ ending, he is certainly a relative, perhaps even as close as my father’s uncle, my grandfather, too old for active service himself, had several younger brothers.

After lunch we had a good mooch round Arras and I was, but probably shouldn’t have been, surprised at the huge Flemish architectural influence.

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