Medically and dentally fit to travel!

Last week the dental extractions happened, I can’t believe how much better I felt virtually immediately. Having had months of sinusitis and troublesome teeth it’s great to be pain free!!

This week I visited my new Practice Diabetic Nurse. She was all ready to plough through the indoctrination spiel and was heartily glad that she didn’t have to after I gave her my history. She was very pleased that the weight loss programme is well underway, and that my fasting blood sugars are already responding to the weight loss so far; not yet down to normal range but showing an improvement. Go me! As I requested she’s leaving matters to me for the next six months; when I go back to see her on my return, all being well I shall be down to my target weight, and back in remission.

The last few days I’ve been converting my travelling thoughts into hard plans; deciding on places I want to visit and finding Aires and Camper Stops. On the plans are granite granaries, schist villages, medieval bridges, and a lot of twisty windy mountain roads (snow chains and shovel are on board just in case). I’m down to Central(ish) Portugal and week 5 so far. Place your bets, dear regular readers, as to how quickly I throw the plans out of the window …

I’ve made a conscious decision to avoid all large towns and cities unless there is something in one that I really don’t want to miss. Neither Daise nor I like the noise, traffic or crowds so we’ll stick to being country bumpkins. There will be one exception; just before Easter, K and The Smart One are going to a resort just outside Barcelona. I shall find a campsite close by for that week and show them round one of the few cities I actually love.


Next week I’ll be spending a few days with BB at the marina; the lady “what runs it” says I can stay in the car park – if the weather remains this cold I’m hoping she’ll let me hook up for a reasonable charge.

20 sleeps to main engine start …

🙂 🙂 🙂

I’ve moved mountains

Have I said I’m well chuffed with the new tyres? Sunday into Monday it rained all night, and heavily, I thought the new anti-skid mats were going to be put to use to get off the grass pitch, but no, the 4 season tyres coped admirably and have shown how sh1t the old ones were. Off we toddled from Les Vosges Mts to Besançon, €7 stopover in a fairly uninteresting city, but well served with trams and rain.



Then this morning motoring up through the Haute Jura mountains in cats and dogs weather I was even more pleased I’d bought them  – almost sorry there’s no snow! So no, I haven’t moved the actual mountains, I’ve moved to a different range, and today passed the sources of a river or two, both well in spate from the overnight and continuing deluge.

Full spate

Les Rousses, altitude 1107m, and tonight’s free stop, is so close to the Swiss border I’m not totally convinced I haven’t strayed over; Swiss chalet style houses, cows with bells on and cuckoo clocks for sale in the souvenir shops.

Les Rousses, small ski resort.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Swan Lake

I’ve paid more to park for a few hours in a multi-storey and the view wasn’t a patch on this; 12€ for the 24hr stay included unlimited water, electricity and sanitation.

Lac de Madine, Lorraine

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Chris and Peter, where are you?

Winter tyres on, chains in locker (after a successful try on), new upholstery in position and R0X1 whiter than white. We Dover-Dunkerque tomorrow at 10am and first stop will be a couple of days in Brugge, then Antwerp where I have the splendid offer of local guides in the form of Chris and Peter … who I need to send me an email or message me with their email address urgently so I can reply, as I can’t find theirs anywhere … should be there on Friday 7th.

End of …

Final day of this short trip and we took the bus into Devizes, had a mooch around the town centre and walked home via the cut. Devizes is the home of Wadworths beer, I haven’t partaken but then beer is not my poison, but they have a lovely canal side pub.

We’ve been lucky to have had some brilliant sunshine but I’ve had enough of the humidity. The LWD has been feeling the heat too and is looking forward to a groom on Tuesday.

Next outing is to see BB and the Oxford canal.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Little bits of Peter (part 2)

BB approved of my plans for the remainder of Pete’s ashes.

Bearing in mind that for nearly 50 years Pete talked often about going back to Australia I took the box to Cap d’Agde and emptied it into the Mediterranean Sea off one of the breakwaters of this extremely long and unspoiled beach. He went to Oz by sea in the 60’s and hopefully those same currents he travelled then will eventually reunite some of his molecules with the shore of the country he loved.


🙂 🙂 🙂