Percys and Frogs

It’s been a hectic few days. The Percys were observed shooting through, old friends were visited, Mandy, Paul and Dan, lovely to see you again after so long, and new campals were made in Barry, Anne and Sue. (Don’t believe anything any health professional tells you about recommended weekly units of alcohol, we keep the number low so that there’s plenty left on the shelves for us to purchase.) We were well into the wine when we discovered the reason we were all getting on so brilliantly had nothing to do with alcohol; Barry – GP; Anne (Barry’s wife) – Nurse; Sue – Nurse; Maggie – Nurse. Finally, on Monday evening LWD and I pitched up at BBs.

Sadly BB lost Sam, springer 13 yrs, a couple of weeks ago to kidney failure and I was a bit concerned how Sally, springer 12yrs, would react to being on her own with LWD. Sally has never been Daisy’s biggest fan, Sam and Daize always hit it off but Daize is usually a bit too excitable for Sal, however they’ve been brilliant together this past couple of days. LWD, which may be bit of a misnomer for her now, she’s developing more and more apricot patches as she matures (I use that term advisedly), first came across Frogs in France in May (who said “where else”?). She was somewhat startled but fascinated by them jumping. Here at the marina she’s not sure what to do with the plethora of Frogs jumping across the path during her evening walk but at least she doesn’t seem at all interested in eating their legs!

I asked BB if he could sort out my 12v electricity. The 12v feed is up near the ceiling and requires me to use a stool to reach the socket, the inverter has to sit on top of a cupboard which also requires me to stand on a stool to plug in an extension lead which then drapes untidily (and for any elves reading this, unsafely) from back to front of the van. I envisaged BB running cable from the 12v feed up, across the ceiling and forward to the desired spot with a socket at the end. Would he do that? Oh no … he, retired electrical whizz that he is … has wired directly from the leisure battery discretely under the floor to the inverter, now neatly tucked away out of sight, and at the mere flick of a fused switch, 12v comes into play when I’m off grid. I neither plug nor unplug anything and I don’t have to use a stool, and for that I will forgive him for dragging me all the way up to a chandlery near Nantwich, which had none of what he needed but just happened to be only a mile away from Snugburys ice cream shop (my regular reader may remember BB’s devotion to Snugburys ice cream from a previous post), only to find every electrical thingie he needed in a chandlery he’d “forgotten all about” not 10 miles away – I’m not a suspicious person but …

… mine was vanilla, sloe gin and damson (1 scoop) his was amaretto (2 scoops) and four tubs for the freezer!!) Yum.

Thank you so much BB


Happy Birthday

😂 😂 😂

She didn’t just survive …

Lovely few days in Torquay, good to spend time with J&B. The dreadful traffic and poor weather was a disappointment, but this is England in August…  I’ve had to put the 4tog duvet away and break out the 9tog. I draw the line at long sleeved t-shirts tho’. I will be wrapped up warm tonight with my head through the roof light hoping for a good view of the Percy’s. The sky is clear at the moment and I’m on a farm campsite so light pollution shouldn’t be too bad.

I’m in Somerset, was hoping to catch up with The Boys in Glastonbury tomorrow but they’re away early to London, hopefully we’ll catch up in September before I cross over once more. On to Wales to see more friends before heading for the Blue Buzzard and her “not my birthday captain”, BB.

Final health bulletin on my patient for anyone wondering; not only did Rosemary survive my rusty nursing skills, she has made a full recovery! She saw the consultant earlier this week and is now full weight bearing and is to walk as much as possible. She’s also allowed to swim but only if the water temp is above 31℃ – that’ll not be a problem then, it was 29-30 when I was there.

Arriving home from the hospital appointment, after what I’m sure must’ve seemed an eternity dependant on others, Rosemary celebrated her new found mobility in style – by walking up the steps that caused the damage! I’d’ve also kicked them (gently) for good measure …


The offending STEPS

🙂 🙂 🙂

Red river

I’m currently in what I regard as my home – if anywhere can be home given the number of times we moved house throughout my childhood, which habit I continued as an adult, not to mention my current peripatetic lifestyle. Devon, the place I lived in the longest, and especially Torquay has my heart and is home. It’s good to be spending time with J&B and I’ve managed to catch up with two sets of close friends.

The site here just outside Brixham, is not my usual type of site – being quite large and kiddy orientated – and is rather expensive due to the summer holidays. But it’s great as a base and B has lent me her car for the duration, bless her, and it does provide the most amazing views of the river Dart.


Dart ferry
First evening


Last night’s sunset was spectacular.

Red skies
Red sails

’nuff said …

🙂 🙂 🙂

I’m back …

The last night in France for a while was spent on an Aire 27kms outside Dieppe. The weather had obligingly turned cooler to prepare LWD and I for t’other side climate. The trip to t’other side was unexceptional but the welcome home was anything but! Literally neighbours threw open their windows to shout greetings and had “my girlies” K, L and E hugged me any harder I would now be as tall and thin as a Pepperami! I felt like a superstar. The Smart One played it cool for a little while (he’s interrupted a stay at his Dad’s to greet Grandma) but he soon swapped his (almost) teenage toughness for a good cuddle.

Too much excitement had me waking at 3am. By 4am sneaking into the flat to grab my computer and compose a blog I discovered K also wide awake and suffering from overexcitement. We had a mug of decaff and a bit of a natter. Travelling is great but coming home again is fantastic – and I’ve still got J&B and BB to hug!


Still got a thing about lavender!

🙂 🙂 🙂

72 hours (part deux)

Night two brought more muttered complaints of stolen territory and kicking (K) and frequent garbled chatter (Smart One). The Smart One woke bright and chirpy; K did not.

We left site and just outside the village parked up so the Smart One, Daisy and I could have a walk through the forest and K could go back to bed! Once again the weather refused to comply with the forecast and was stubbornly sunny. The Smart One had the map and navigated us in a circle for an hour or so’s walk along tracks which thankfully were mostly clear of horse riders, LWD is frightened of horses, and cyclists who, for once, she avoided chasing. Mind you the cyclists did approach from the front rather than sneaking silently up on her from the rear.

Setthorn, the New Forest.

Then back off to Beaulieu for a walk through the grounds and to visit the Palace and the Abbey ruins. The palace unlike many stately houses has almost “ordinary” sized rooms and is all the better for it. It feels homely, if grand, and many of the portraits are recent and relaxed. Unfortunately tho’ I didn’t pick up the spare camera battery before I left R0X1 and it was too far to walk there and back again … so the Abbey ruins and Palace photography will have to wait for another visit. Any excuse, it’s a lovely place and free admission for us during the next 12months!

Beaulieu Palace

The Love Tree

After some splendidly generous portions of ice cream we left for home. Luckily we  weren’t trying to get away to the coast for the Easter Weekend and so our journey was easy.

🙂 🙂 🙂

The first Walk

She-who-has-been-mended gave her walking boots a workout today, first time since last August, and has increased her confidence in her mobility. On uneven ground she walked a couple of miles around Englemere Pond near Ascot. The walk is supposed to take 40 minutes and it only took her 10 minutes more – not bad for 5 weeks post-op spinal fusion!


Daisy, the Smart Preteen and I had a pretty good time too …

🙂 🙂 🙂


Bored now …

My out-of-date nursing skills are no longer needed. She-who-has-been-mended is tearing up the tarmac on the road to recovery. Her physioterrorist is amazed at her progress and they are teamed up in a game of “let’s-see-exactly-how-much-we-can-improve-this-supposedly-non-improvable-nerve-damaged-leg”.

My skills at housework (negligible), laundry (adequate), childcare (so-so … the grandchild is a pre-teen, it’s not easy!), taxi driver (awesome), nagging mother (extremely awesome) and cooking (even more extremely awesome), remain in demand.

So, with the patient, the above described ex-nurse and the sometimes sulky pre-teen all feeling like the walls are closing in, my regular reader will be totally gob-smacked to learn  … I Have A Plan and what’s more The Plan Will Be Implemented.

It’s called the Half-way Plan (because K’s halfway through the post op recovery period) ; we are all, including LWD, going camping in the New Forest for a couple of days/nights in R0X1! The mended-one insists she is able to get up the steps into my bed (I’ll be in the bed that necessitates use of a ladder, she’s not that limber yet) and The Smart Pre-teen gets a brand new tent (well he has to have somewhere to go if he has a strop, and at least he won’t be able to slam the door!).

Blooming spring

😀  😀  😀