Under-the-table [Pillow] talk (as requested …

… and because you’re a spoilt brat!)


Yes love?

I’m sulking.

I presumed that from the under-the-table position and general hang-dog air you’re giving off.

Well I AM sulking.

Despite the treats?

Hmmph! Don’t know why you had to bath me.

Because, Daisy-bella, if you will insist on rolling in dirt, sand, grass and smelly stuff and are the grey colour of white sheets not washed in Daz and then want to share my bed, you need to be cleaned up.

Still don’t like it. And you trimmed my face …


(Long silence)



Want another treat?


(Treat gobbled)



You look gorgeous when you’re clean and fluffy and I can see your eyes …



You’ll have to come out from under the table …

No licking/No licking.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Royal reprieve

LWD has had a forced march along the Praia de Mei in Lagos, 3 miles of crescent shaped beach with decent pale sand and very few people. It’s hard to imagine it as crowded as it must be in high season but the number of bars and restaurants, most closed for the winter, indicate it’s a popular spot. LWD ran, rolled and rollicked.

I collected some shells and tried my hand at still life photography – I’ve got a long way to go. The idea was to arrange the individual shells in a shell shape in the sand but it didn’t work as well as I’d hoped. I need lessons in arrangement.

Today found me at the dentist explaining that the 32 year old gold crown on one of my molars had cracked some time ago and I was advised that the tooth would not last long enough to be worth re-crowning. The tooth has become very painful and sensitive over the past few weeks and having made the appointment I was prepared for an extraction. After expressing his surprise at the existence of such an aged crown the offending tooth was x-rayed. Peter, dentist, said he didn’t want to remove the tooth and that he’d like to attempt a last ditch attempt to save it. The crack which had become a rough edged hole has been filled and the crown has been filed down as the bite on it was wrong. And now we suck it and see. How long will it last? … who knows, but the Crowned Tooth has a reprieve.

🙂 🙂 🙂

West of the border, down Portugal way …

I now know that the leisure battery will give me four nights 12 amp as long as I don’t do any photo editing on the MacBook; the poor old inverter struggles with that. I may have to reconsider the solar panel issue as I’m finding I’m wanting to spend more and more time off grid. The Aire I’ve been at for the past few nights does 24hrs electricity for €2.50, which is very good but not that many places do it at all let alone that cheap, so today I’m treating myself to power and charging every battery I can find. And as today’s weather is not as warm and sunny as it’s been the last week I’m catching up with aforementioned photo editing and blogging.

First night in Portugal was in Castro Marim, tiny place with an interesting medieval castle and an exhibition of torture tools from the Inquisition. I must be getting squeamish in my old age – the heavy wooden chair with leg, arm, waist and neck straps was studded all over the seat, back and armrests with large iron spikes and was my unfavourite; of all the torture instruments I found it especially gross. All in the name of Christianity … yesteryear’s terrorists if you ask me. I decided to spare you dear regular reader, and didn’t take photos of the exhibition.

Castro Marim

Second up is Vila Real de San António a quiet, well in January it is, border town. The Aire is riverside to the Guardiano with Ayamonte (Spain) on the other bank. VRSA as it is known locally, in its heyday was a busy port and fishing town, catering now mostly to tourists. I met and spent a lot of time over the weekend with convivial companions Sharon and Matt who are in the process of giving a forever home to Rrrita (short for Señorita – don’t forget to roll the R). She’s an indeterminate breed of around LWDs size with the prettiest of faces and light brown velvety fur. Daize and Rita hit it off, had a great time together on the tiny beach here and both were very tolerant of the frequent wine-o’clock stops!

Vila Real de Santo António

Matt and Sharon are off to the rescue centre today to sign the adoption papers and get Rita’s passport. I’m off tomorrow after I’m fully charged, for a side trip up to the the lakes before heading to Luz at the end of the week.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Not playing ball …

Yesterday’s forced march for LWD was along the beach, around the lighthouse and back. We happened across fellow Moho-ers walking the two labs they’re dog-sitting. LWD was invited to play ball – she didn’t play ball. When the prize was finally hers (by subtle and devious means) she showed her labrador heritage by stubbornly and absolutely refusing to give up possession.

Now she had the prize she played paw-ball, nose-ball and bury-ball very happily on her own. Eventually, and it was a very long eventually, she tired and I was able to play grab-ball and stuff-in-pocket-ball. The wet and somewhat sandy ball was returned to its owners on our return to site.


Cape Trafalgar

🙂 🙂 🙂

Another Midlands Meander

Just had a great long weekend at Kings Bromley Wharf where BB is in fine fettle.

We took a car trip up to Bakewell, prettyish but very touristy. The drive up was much more enjoyable through some very beautiful hills and dales. We bought some traditional Bakewell tarts and were rather disappointed – they had been glazed with honey which totally overpowered the almond and raspberry flavours. However there is still hope and another chance to restore our faith in local bakeries; after we’d bought these defective Bakewells we noticed the original Bakewell Pudding Factory. We’ll have to go back and check out their contribution to culinary excellence. We drove back via Matlock Bath but couldn’t find a car parking space so that’s on the revisit list too – it looks far more interesting than Bakewell!

The Peak District

The next day we took a boat trip to Rugely – now unless you’re BB and want a long trip to the supermarket, Rugely should never feature on your revisit list. But then the trip wasn’t about Rugely, it was about having a trip out on the cut in fine spring weather. It was the LWD’s first time on the boat when Blue Buzzard’s underway and she was a very nervous pup, shaking like crazy – or as she was sitting on the roof with my arms around her, it could’ve been just a ruse for extra cuddles!

Spring as viewed from the cut

We bade BB bye-bye for three months this morning, as the Mended One is now able to drive and I’m allowed out to play a month early … Dover-Calais ferry is booked for May 1st!

🙂 🙂 🙂

Moor care

The weather has not been kind to us and we’ve so far only managed a couple of medium walks nevertheless LWD has managed to get very un-white. She can’t quite understand why she’s not allowed to run free when there’s all this massive space – unless the moor animals over-ate and under-exercised during the holidays like me, there are a lot of pregnant sheep and ponies around and as I don’t want her shot for sheep or pony worrying, Her Doginess must remain on the lead!

Dartmoor National Park

As my regular reader may have noticed there have been only grey skies in my photos since I got back from France, need I say more?

😦 😦 😦

A timely resurrection

My regular reader may remember that Daisy as a small puppy 2 years ago (before she discovered her one and only intermittently working brain cell, the one which restricts her desire to chew to nutritional food only) assassinated Father Christmas.  Anyone for Hormones? It was neither a quick nor a clean kill, but in all fairness she did express regret and stood gazing mournfully at the overly large coff bin for  a full couple of seconds when his remains were disposed of.

I am delighted to announce that Father Christmas, having learned of the recent successful resurrection and reintroduction of Squeaky Duck, has generously undertaken the same treatment, is in one piece and once again “chez nous”.

Father Christmas - the resurrection

Firm friends (for the time being)

FC has read, understood and signed the Elf and Safety assessment that states that his right to life and limb cannot be guaranteed and that management does not accept any responsibility (for anything).

🙂 🙂 🙂