Horticultural Hero

I have been nagged (repeatedly) by The Smart One because I haven’t written anything since April; as I’m about to go driveabout again I decided to humour him. Here’s the story …

As I said in my last missive I had a great few days with the Mad Dutch couple in Anduze. We ate a lot, drank a lot, laughed a lot, walked a bit and visited a couple of flea markets. We also diagnosed me with a nasty case of hayfever. The beautiful weather we were enjoying came to an end and as the forecast for Anduze and France in general was for “beaucoup de pluie” the eminently sensible Mad Dutch decided to head south in search of the sun. I was feeling the need for family time and headed towards Dieppe and the ferry via Florac and the Cevennes with a return visit to Bonneval for veterinary purposes. The weather was cold and windy with torrential rain and the so called hayfever sneezing turned into an extremely heavy cold; my misery was compounded when one morning the boiler flatly refused to fire.

The Cevennes and a mural on the side of houses in Florac

Bonneval in (a very cold and wet) spring

I arrived in Somerset cold, damp and dirty and spent the next couple of days in bed.

Upon recovery my thoughts turned to the, neglected since well before we got here, state of our courtyard garden. K is very happy to have a minute garden as, although she loves flowers, trees and shrubs, she’s definitely no gardener and over the years even potted plants have succumbed to her (lack of) ministrations. I’ve redesigned the patio and mainly concreted area, decorated with all the blue pots I’ve collected for other gardens, planted said pots and the two very small flower beds and permanently placed the hooked up hose where she can reach it! (Not that the hose has been necessary for the past few days as the English summer has arrived) Just give me the (Chelsea) Gold medal!!

Courtyard (not quite finished)

I was much relieved when a new fuse sorted the malfunctioning boiler issue, I’d had visions of major repairs costing hundreds and plans for future travel being totally scuppered for months. With the garden sorted and no longer needing to save up for a massive boiler repair, ( £1.80 bought me a replacement fuse and a spare) my thoughts turned to travelling plans. According to my Denmark guide it is inadvisable to try camping there from mid-June to mid-August as all sites are pretty well full during the school holidays; so Denmark is delayed until mid-August. Instead I’m off to … Cumbria …never been to the Lake District. I’ve decided to treat the trip as if I’m abroad and shall be using lesser roads and Britstops (similar scheme to Passion France). First five stops are planned, also a meet up with BB who’s on a canal somewhere in the West Midlands.

Here’s hoping the rain stops …

🙂 🙂 🙂

2 thoughts on “Horticultural Hero

  1. I love this “catching up two months worth” story. Your blue pot collection is amazing. Lovely Daisy enjoying the view. Glad to hear you kicked out the cold. Good health and safe travels to you, my friend o’er the pond.

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