Purple Panda

Well, dear Regular Reader, I did promise to explain why I interrupted my trip around the Natural Volcanic park of Garrotxa, so here goes. Those of a squeamish disposition may prefer to go straight to the photos at the bottom.

I called in at Banyoles to admire the lake and do a bit of walking for a couple of days before moving on to Vic but got a bit delayed …

In the early evening of my second day here, having just had the successful photo session with the fishing huts, I arrived back at the campsite intending to pop into reception and get a token for the washing machine. As I approached the tiled concrete steps I tripped over the very low, almost invisible kerb and crashed onto the aforementioned steps. Thoroughly winded I accepted help (which appeared apparently from nowhere) to change into a sitting position, and was given paper towel and told to apply it to my right eye, I was also informed that an ambulance was on it’s way. Why, thought I, still rather breathless, on earth would I want an ambulance? What my helpers could see, and I obviously could not, was that I had a deep gash on my eyebrow which was losing a lot of blood and folk were saying it needed stitching. Still winded and dazed I was soon in the ambulance on my way to the local community medical centre where everyone was very kind. Thankfully my EHIC card still had a few days to run (I didn’t know until they looked at it, that the damn thing even had an expiry date – K’s bringing my new one with her when she comes this week) so all eleven stitches through my eyebrow were free (unfortunately I had to pay to have them removed! I suppose I could’ve tried removing them myself … then again …). By the time I was leaving it was closing time and staff were starting to depart. I’d arrived in an ambulance and had no idea where I was, I was also feeling very shaky, my wound felt fine but my ribs were beginning to hurt and I was starting to feel a little lost (literally!). When I asked at the reception for directions to the campsite one of the staff insisted on giving me a lift back – way above and beyond bless her – my plan to walk back was vetoed by just about everyone. So a huge thank you to the ambulance guys, and all the staff there for taking care of me and being so kind.

The next morning my right eye was a stunning shade of purple and somewhat swollen. Later that day the left eye decided it wanted the same shade of eyeshadow and turned purple as well, which I didn’t mind, I do like to be well coordinated! My ribs were extremely painful and bruised as were my knees and my right boob; I felt everyone of my 90 years! However I managed to keep moving with the aid of over the counter meds and did deep breathing exercises religiously, no pneumonia for me. My stitches are now out (€30) and finally my ribs are starting to hurt a bit less, but the boob remains in glorious technicolour.

The site manager informed me that I was by no means the first person to trip over their low flying kerb, but of course I was the first to do it such a spectacular fashion, and that my stay would be free until I’m fit enough to continue my travels. I’m off the day after tomorrow to meet up with the family, it’s not a long drive, so I’ll be fine. I’ve been able to walk around and continue sight seeing and have managed to circumnavigate the lake (7kms) a couple of times.

Spring has arrived in Catalunya!

P.S.  Nearly forgot to mention that in the middle of all this my habitation water pump died and for a few days before I felt able to drive to a camper repair place a short way away I was having to carry jerry cans of water to R0X1.

20 thoughts on “Purple Panda

  1. Wow. You have been in the wars. But how incredibly kind people were … just could’ve done with a water punka Waller! Take care and enjoy your daughter

  2. Ouch! Glad things are improving – how lovely though that everyone was so kind, and that you’ve kept your sense of humour through a nasty experience. Hope you enjoy the family visit – Sue

  3. First thing I thought of was an old timex watch slogan: takes a licking but keeps on ticking. You certainly are blessed. Lovely photos. Glad to hear you are upright again ~

  4. OMG I do worry about you. Left unsupervised and your a nightmare 🙂 I can’t believe you didn’t take the stitches out yourself. 🙂 Joking apart do take care. Nice photos, you do suffer for your art.

    1. These days I frequently nearly poke my eye out with the mascara wand so I decided attempting stitch removal with tweezers and scissors was pushing my luck 🤨 Glad you like the pix.

  5. Goodness me! I’ve hit like but not because of your injuries but because of the kindness your accident lead to. I’m hoping you’ll be back to full fitness soon, enjoy having the family around and let them make a fuss over you. X

  6. Hi Maggie, thank goodness you received the help you needed, the Spanish are such nice people. Hope the recovery continues well. xx

    1. Yeah Hazel. Basically I got fed up with you getting all the attention, wanted some for me 🤪. The ribs are taking their time and I’m still “using” max dose ibuprofen but it could’ve been so much worse. Did you know you can buy 2G tabs of paracetamol here as well as 600mg ibuprofen, 40 tabs per box? Obviously the Spanish are considered to be more adult than us!!
      Hope your recovery is still going well xxx

  7. Glad you’re now ‘up n away’ again M. Keep in touch as I am slowly meandering my way back thru the Costa. Off to the warm springs at Sante Fe today.. or tomorrow… well, when I get there anyway… 😊😊👋

    1. I’ll be in Santa Susanna for the next week and currently zero plans for what happens after that. Keep in touch it’d be great to catch up if you’re close x

  8. I’m fascinated by the photo of the old gate. It says sneak in and explore the secret garden. 🙂

    1. I suppose it probably was once a garden; must’ve been a long time ago tho as it’s completely back to nature now. I thought of it as the gateway to Spring – or am I being too fanciful?

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