Olympic venue

Formed in a tectonic depression and fed by several springs, L’Estany de Banyoles (The Lake of Banyoles) at 11.42sq.km., with a depth of 62.4m. and a circumference of 7km, is the largest natural lake in Catalunya. Home of the rowing events in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, it still hosts an annual triathlon and other national and regional events. The lake is zoned and all sorts of watersports take place with rowing training on the lake occurring most days except Sundays when the “grockles” appear to take over.

The backdrop is spectacular, the lake being completely encircled by mountains of the not very high variety with the Pyrenees peeking over the tops. (LWD and I will be tacking a fairly low peak sometime later this week.)


Training on the rowing course



The Pyrenees peeking …

Dotted along the eastern and southern lakeshores are over 20 pesqueres, fishing huts, which range from very simple single rooms with a tiny jetty to elaborate houses with a large dock. No two are the same.


We’re here for at least the next 9 days, so lots more exploring to do and explanations for the unexpectedly long stay later.

🙂 🙂 🙂

4 thoughts on “Olympic venue

  1. Hey Maggs, hope you starting to feel bit better and ready to explore!! Do they actually call the m Grockles? We used to call holidaymakers that when I lived in Teignmouth, Devon. HAHAHA Haven’t heard that term for years

    1. Grockles still in use tho’ probably not in Spain!!! Taking regular ibuprofen and paracetamol which is easing the ribs sufficiently. Going all sorts of colours now – never been green before!!

  2. So sorry sounds as though you’ve had an accident, hope things are improving. Being facetious, hope you haven’t grown a TV aerial on your head along with turning into a little green woman! Back in Yorkshire, hail, snow, & rain in the last 24 hours, much prefer the sunshine. Hope to see you here some time – Sue

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