Garrotxa 2

Breathtaking views, medieval villages, forested volcanos, basalt rock – the photographs took themselves …

Who wouldn’t pull over to get these views?



Medieval village built on an outcrop of basalt.


St Joan les Fonts

Three lava flows lie on top of one another here – the oldest dated to around 700,000 years ago, the next at 170,000 years and the last at 130,000. Given the lengths of time between each eruption – how can they say the volcano is definitely extinct?


St Joan des Abbdesses

I was a little caught out by the nighttime temperatures here – but then realised the altitude was 786 metres; the heating got switched on and we left after just the one night!


Santa Pau

The medieval village here is separate from it’s modern counterpart, something I really appreciated.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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