That’s it. Done. Finished. I’m never using it again. Opium; awful stuff.

And if, dear Regular Reader, you are wondering why I ever started; the answer is I didn’t realise how bad using it would be. And getting my head together afterwards each time, was an absolute nightmare.

Hey ho, and on we go. Tomorrow actually. LWD and I are finally going up and over into Spain. Now not on the original plan, we’re going via Figueres and then inland a bit to do some cultural explorations (see the improvement in language use when my head’s not screwed up by opium?) I’ve looked at overnight temperatures in the area and we should be OK but I’ll probably add the extra duvet to make sure. In any case I shan’t be quite so far away from LPG sources.

It’s been a good time in Argeles. The place is busy with grockles at weekends but lovely and quiet midweek; well, apart from the noise of hammering, drilling and sawing going on everywhere this week in preparation for the new season opening very soon. All sorts of refurbs, cleaning and re-stocking going on in the businesses that have been closed overwinter.

Seasonal preparations in Argeles


Opium – looks pretty tho’

Today’s crêpe, with dark chocolate, more than made up for the previous one. I went to a different place and was able to watch the lady make it for a start; it was absolutely gorgeous. My excuse is that it had to be done, I missed pancake day last Tuesday. Good job we’re off really, otherwise I’d be going there daily to work my way through the fillings list …

🙂 🙂 🙂

11 thoughts on “Opium.

  1. I am glad you did not write this piece in installments. You had me going “what the…” i
    But I know just what you mean…..some yarns are a yawn 😉

    1. Glad I got you going 😉 – I admit I was having a giggle as I was planning it! It was the sewing up that was the worst problem – the shapings didn’t show up easily with the yarn either on the thick bits or the thin bits and it took several attempts to get the first sleeve in. Thereafter I was wise to it’s tricks and quadruple checked before I sewed!

  2. Very complicated on first reading for an ex-mechanical engineer.
    With patience and time I get used to it apart the drilling and hammering …those i know well.
    Keep the smile and drive here, lots of not drilled nor hammered things but the last minute is a southern speciality, you already know it.


  3. Hi, just wanted to say thanks for your posts and recommendations, Verteuil sur Charente was great even in rain & I’m parked up at Mirepoix right now – not that I’m stalking or anything just following an expert! Could I ask where you stayed in Argeles, was it the campingcar site on rue Littoral? Happy memories of a family holiday there many years (ok decades) ago & I have two little marmalade coloured dogs who would love a beach! Please keep on posting, love hearing all your adventures, regards to the LWD. Sue

    1. I use Le Rousillonais as it’s open all year and not expensive and literally right on the beach. The best place to park up to my mind is right up the far end of the site, less populated, and if you’re lucky you can get a front rank spot which gives you a great view. I’ll be spending some time in north eastern Spain if you want to catch me up and have a glass of something alchofrolic! If you want the coordinates for the site here let me know – I don’t think any of the other sites are open yet.

  4. Thanks that sounds ideal, as you say I didn’t expect any of the campsites to be open & that sounds great for a few days chill out. Will definitely let you know if I make it to Spain but I’ve been cowardly & booked the Chunnel for 28 March even tho I, the vehicle & the dogs are bristling with every legal document known to man (and woman) you never know … If I fritter away the days as I’m wont to do & don’t make it & get in touch, please have a frolic for me! Thanks again – Sue, Deefor & Victor

    1. I refuse to bow to all these political shenanigans and will go home when I’m ready – if I end up not having the required documents it’s hardly my fault … Take care, Maggs

  5. You had me going for a bit.. There I was thinking you were taking the old Hippy trail to Morocco and indulging in strange substances. Wait until the Extreme knitter reads this, I’m not sure if she has indulged in this before. That cardie looks good, but I don’t think you should get it near a naked flame. Just in case you inhale the fumes. Take care.

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