Well slap me on the back …

… and call me slimline; the first 5lbs are off!

It’s taken a little longer than I hoped but it was the season of good eating; I could’ve really stuck to my calorie limit and lost more but the blood sugars weren’t super high; I have another three weeks before my diabetic appointment and if I’ve lost another 3 lbs by then I’ll be happy. I’m using an app on my phone called Lose It, (Thank you for the recommendation Richardsons!) it really helps keep track of the calories for every meal, I don’t have to count the calories, the app does it; also, I’ve become more aware of where the excess calories are. Alcohol is off limits temporarily – but they say “no pain; no gain” – p’raps I should say “no gin; get thin” or “no wine; look fine”.

I’d got a more than a little lazy so I’m increasing exercise both LWD walking and knitting. Knitting apparently uses 102 calories per hour so my cotton tops for the summer are being made whilst I  sit virtuously and lose weight! In fact I may give up the walking in favour of speed knitting! (Escape Route, I presume the Extreme Knitter is super slim?)

Over New Year my favourite ATM was attacked by an explosive device

I’ve got fed up with the back cushions on R0X1’s sofas being too deep and being unable to sit sideways without back support to snuggle with LWD; guests find sitting straight a bit uncomfortable as they’re pushed too far forward. So, as I don’t need the back cushions to use as a bed, I enlisted The Bezzie’s help to measure up for slimmer replacement foam and I then alter the covers to fit. Great minds having got together we came up with a plan, which we promptly jettisoned for another plan and the final plan really works for me. With the old back cushions removed I can lean back on the cab wall comfortably and sit along the sideways sofa without having to add a panel at the cab end to lean against, (loads of work saved). The thick back cushions have been replaced with scatter cushions on both sofas which sorts out the lack of room and also looks much more homely. R and I make a great design team!!

A dart got metaphorically thrown at my computer calendar and I’m off on the 12th February. I’ve got a couple more things to do on R0X1, spring clean for a start and a little more discipline in the storage area would help, before we head for Poole. (Anyone know of a good overnight stop in the Poole area – preferably free?) I have to admit to a twinge of excitement …

🙂 🙂 🙂

P.S. Seen in Tesco Friday 3rd January 2019


Happy Easter 🤣

10 thoughts on “Well slap me on the back …

  1. Scatter cushions are the bain of my life.😵 I throw them out of the campervan and they keep reappearing. 😂
    The extreme knitter has an antidote for the rapid weight loss whilst knitting. She recommends eating a jam doughnut 🍩 every hour to compensate. It’s a hard job, but she copes.
    Do tell us more about the explosive phone box ☎
    Tesco are a little late with their Easter goods, they should be stocking Halloween masks now. Keep up the the weight loss thingy and get below that diabetes threshold 👍

    1. So glad you’re not forced to live with a stick insect 🤗! I’ll bear the odd doughnut in mind if I start to fade away too rapidly …
      Police reckon a small explosive charge was used to open the ATM. What you can’t see in the pic is that the back of the phone box is bowed outwards and there are scorch marks in some places. I’ve no idea how much, if anything, they got away with. Big drama in this sleepy very small town!

      1. They only meant to blow the bloody doors off. 🙂 Are you sure you don’t live in Midsomers ? 🙂

  2. Hi Maggie. We did the same re cushions on my sofa! We slept at Poole harbour. I’ll pm you xxx

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